All Rosy and Warm

Last night was one of those nights…up and awake for some bizarre reason with the rest of the house asleep, and a copious amount of photos just bidding their time in my camera's chip.

Yup, I was up till nearly 2 am blogging.

I will spare my last night running typed dialogue about Thanksgiving, frosting guns, black Friday and wallpaper removing for all my photo groupies joining pink saturday (how sweet the sound blog)

and  at Shadow Shot Sunday (hey harriet blog)

and the lovely  shooters at i heart macro (waterstone jewelry blog)

So here are my weekly contributions:


"bands of blue" my i heart macro shot:

After all the turkey,  potatoes, and pie me and Mr.MS took a lovely walk.

The warm late November sky was amazing.  A band of smoking blue that melted into purple and rosy pink was over head.

I love the effect I got against my parents old barn and through the dried hydrangea bush.


"Table for 23 please"

Seating for nine adults, four teenagers, seven tweeners, a pair of Kindergartners, and one crazy blond-haired 3-year-old is a trick and feat. But "Gramma" is an old pro and pulled it off just lovely:

My Pink Saturday Shot (that is not pink for the Holiday Season)


"Barn with a View"

My Sunday Shadow Shot was captured peering out of the second  story,and  very open old barn

The view was spectacular, again the bands of rosy color.  I went with this one:


Happy Holidays to everyone!

May all your views be rosy despite the hectic pace this time of year.



10 thoughts on “All Rosy and Warm

  1. Quite a beautiful view. I would be afraid to climb out to the opening upstairs in our barn for fear the floor would fall through with me. It is in such bad shape. The pink sky is gorgeous. Know you were thrilled with what you saw. genie
    Where is my shadow,
    I cannot find her anywhere,
    I’m so lonely without her here.
    If the lighting’s right,
    and I am out in the yard,
    I bet I’ll see her again.
    That will make me smile,
    My loneliness will end
    I’ll be with my friend.


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