by a soft light (the plot thickens)



My father has for the last decade, tried without success, to get at least one of his grandsons to take up a love of reading Hardy Boys: the mystery series written my Frank Dixon from the late 1920s up until  1979. He forgot my oldest girl is the closest thing that we have to a boy.

Visiting last week, he brought up his love for Hardy Boys and asked if she would be interested.

My big girl is a sentimental soul and her eyes lit up.  The thought of reading the same books her Papa did way back in the 60s! had her jazzed.

Not satisfied with a couple, she strode upstairs to the attic and pawed through the whole tote.

My father is sure there are more loose un-read Hardy Boy mysteries floating around in crammed closets and dusty shelves in the family.

I am quite sure more thrilling mysteries shall be materialized  after pumpkin pie and before football this Thanksgiving.

I had to google it:

There were a total of 58 books written in the original series. Luckily, Hardy Boy books are not that hard to find.  I printed out the master list and will be giving it Dad this Thanksgiving. 

My father loves a good treasure hunt: probably from reading all those Hardy Boys mysteries.

I see a Christmas hunt in the making.

She is half way through the first one, and is bound and determined to finish the gripping and hair-raising The Tower Treasure by Thanksgiving.


Not to be excluded, my other big girl, has recently discovered the Dork Diaries, by Rene Russell.  A very modern graphic novel ("graphic" in today's standards means cartoon style, by the way, not explicit sex…thought I would give you a heads up on that one) for girls, with lots of pop culture references, and crushes and mean girls and cell phone and bad hair day crisis.  Perfect for my girl.

She gobbled up book #1 and is swimming through #2.

More Christmas presents in the making.

I think my father, in between his own Hardy Boy quest, will have to make the time to make them a new book shelf.

I am so happy about their enthusiasm.  Since the beginning of school they have not been willing to read a thing.

"We have to read all the time in school!" is always their resounding plea.

I don't push it because I do not want to relegate the reading of books on the same exciting level as math homework and loading the dishwasher.

We have gone to no TV or computer during the school week.

This has helped a ton.

The barrage of noise and arguing was slowly resurrecting the psychotic mother in me again.

They took the news in greater stride than I thought possible. (of course we did start only last Thursday).

I love books, I love seeing my girls reads.

It's just good stuff.

So here's to good stuff.




6 thoughts on “by a soft light (the plot thickens)

  1. That’s so awesome that they are loving to read!!!! I get so giddy when I hear about kids and reading!!! And how sweet about your Dad and the Hardy Boys and your oldest…My dad isn’t around anymore but I don’t think he could have offered as much. He was into the nonfiction serial killer stories–shiver–
    Have a great Thanksgiving week Leah!!


  2. Mom I love it and also very well written.
    Oh one thing there there are 66 books not 58.
    oh well nice photos.
    You take the shots and write the best!!!!


  3. Cheers to you as well!! We love a good book, and love it when we have the time to read πŸ™‚ Love that she’s reading those old books, so many kids these days don’t want anything to do with those! I remember going up into our attic one summer to find some treasures – a couple of Zane Grey books, and some retro Dr. Killdere & Bonanza! I was in heaven!
    Good job Mom πŸ™‚


  4. Oh how great! I was a Nancy Drew girl myself but I’m sure my mother does not have those floating around our attic. They probably got donated to the library like twenty years ago. Glad to hear it was such a good Thanksgiving:) I cannot say I have been brave enough to end all tv during the week – however, it’s not allowed to come on until after the homework is finished. I hope you find lots more Hardy Boys books!


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