Sugar~coating~dusting: my shadow~pink~macro weekend shots

After un-precedent warm November the inevitable happened this Friday:

Waking up to a sugar~coating~dusting of snow.

Pretty and delicate; a lacey pattern art show

But by noon the babe is asking: "where did it go?"

My  Shadow Sunday Shot.



Just a shimmery shake of jack frost's sprinkles of white

Un-expectant eye candy on this well used bike

My I heart Macro Shot





Frozen and numb but still "freedom on wheels" gets plenty of use

Here are two tones of the loveliest of hues

Baby pink tires, and hot pink pedals

Pretty and functional even when frigid or dappled with rusty metal

My Pink Saturday Shot.


As always click on the buttons on the right to view or join in on any of these photo link up groups I so enjoy being a part of.

Here is to the delicate side of snow.



22 thoughts on “Sugar~coating~dusting: my shadow~pink~macro weekend shots

  1. Great photos! I especially like the shadow shot! Very nice.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I appreciate that you sent up a prayer for my foot and much needed divine perspective during my “couch time” 🙂 And you asked if the list took me long to write…it normally would (I tend to over think too) but I just started writing it quickly, without thinking much about it. I figured there’s not really a wrong answer, so the first half just flowed out then as I started working on the page more kept coming to me. You should try it… maybe just give yourself 3 minutes to just write the first things to pop in your head!
    Take care and thanks again!


  2. Hello Leah and thank you so much for stopping by my blog with such kind words : ) I appreciate it!
    These shots are lovely ! .. We also have had an unusual November no snow yet .. but .. I know it is coming and probably at the worst time possible as old man winter manages ? LOL
    Love all the pink : ) I am a pink kind of gal .. I have a sister whose name is Leah : )


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