Can you consider yourself an Artist if the hot glue gun is your art tool of choice?

I say "nay, nay"

And  so I pass along these  tidings of "pretty creations" that I happily cobbled together over this past year to adorn my own walls.  I can no longer spend 35 bucks on pretty, but manufactured wall decor that was quickly slapped together in some God awful sweat shop in China, nor do I have the funds to buy one of a kind art pieces at speciality shops, though I love to look and admire.

So I made my own.

I loved doing it.

We did some painting recently and had to take  my creations down.

I realized I had quite a collection. 

A plan formulated in my harried little brain.

 I imposed on my very sweet and talented sister in law who happens to own a very cool artsy bead shop called  soul shine studios  in Corning's downtown Market street.

These creations are now for sale , flanking her shop's walls.

  Any distant blogger soul  interested can contact me via email or follow the link above at Soul Shine and can speak directly to the store's owner.

Click on the pics to enlarge.  I hope to have  full descriptions, including my how to,  that you can view via a Cloth, Paper, Scissors website link, that I belong to, very  soon.

Here they are:

"The French Connection" the French text translates "small pleasures in little doses"

PB110028 PB110029 PB110030












"Paris in the Spring"
















 PB110025 PB110026




"Captured Beauty": my originial photographs on an old window






"Hemingway Inspiration"



"St. Paul Inspiration": my interpretation of 2 Corinthians 4:8




"New England Proverb" on a metal barn star

the quote reads: use it up/ wear it out/ make do/ or do without


"A Family Advent" a 25 pocket sewn Advent wall hanging for your family to count down to Christmas with. Includes a pink ball hanging rod (not pictured)




"French Christmas Charm": a quilted charm table mat with sewn on hanging tabs on the back



"Keeping Christmas"  my mixed media craft supplies for you to make your own Christmas creations with.

Including sets of (5) Antique Christmas Hymn Sheets: some plain, some slightly distressed, some with a "modge-podged" veneer

Vintage Christmas Ball included.

Hand stamped Christmas images on muslin fabric strips , various lengths




There it is: my Four Daughters Designs Collection.

More items will be added at Soul Shine Studio weekly.

Here's to hot glue guns and creativity.




3 thoughts on “Can you consider yourself an Artist if the hot glue gun is your art tool of choice?

  1. You go! Anyone that can not only create for their family, but others too is amazingly talented with time and creativity. And yes, a glue gun is totally acceptable and professional.


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