little lovelies in my hand


Are you a lover of fibers? an admirer of beading? but have the dexterity of a chubby fingered 4-year-old?

Then let me introduce fiber wraps:



I was beading at my sister in law's Market Street bead and Jewelry shop soul shine studios this past Saturday.  It was a great time to see family, talk, laugh, eat, and attempt to bead.  Alas, I answer a resounding "Yes" to all of the questions I asked above.  So that is why I snatched up these little fiber wraps.

I leaned the technique is so easy (bonus)…puts to good use the little snippets of your  lovely fabric and ribbons (double bonus) and requires

zero beading talent (the ultimate bonus).


1>get some beading wire

2> snip about 10 inches off

3> make a loop at the end of one of the ends (dont kill yourself making it neat or completely closed)

4> wrap your desired lovely of fabric and/or ribbon around the wire till it is a puffy ball.

5> then bend the remaining amount of wire around your fabric in any manner of twistiness that pleases you.

6>string additional beads and/or buttons as you coil the wire around

7> snip off wire leaving about an inch to make a final loop to hold it together.



I used mine to embellish a cell phone charm I made at the class.

La la

"La La" is my nickname that Mr. ms (that would be" Mister many slices", the new name I will be using every time I make mention of my husband from now on, so take note).

It sits on a place setting I starting embroidery ago a decade ago, and still have not finished.

And one more little lovely of the financially frugal and comical variety:





I try to use coupons…I really do. 

They are always stuffed, crammed, folded, and tucked everywhere in my purse and wallet.

I made this in true fugal fashion by re-using an empty marker container, some remnant fabric, cardboard from a Kashi bar box, stamps, scrap paper,  an old button, and printed my financial theory out on the computer and clipped the letters W.I.N.E. from different fonts in my Somerset Life magazine…I love their fonts, the best hunting ground for collage lettering found anywhere.

And speaking of frugal check out the lovely button on the top right that reads "frugalious me".  A great blog about being pretty on the cheap.

So here is to making your life a little more prettier despite lack of dexterity and money.


7 thoughts on “little lovelies in my hand

  1. You are so creative!! And I am missing my art journaling when I see all the things you’ve made :). Btw, I so love reading your book reviews… I just added Rachel Dupree to the pile, and the Good Earth is one that I’ve picked up, put down, picked up , put down…now I know I will read it :).


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