My November Hills in words, and some pretty shots too

For the first week of November the weather has been surprisingly nice.  The air is intensely sharp.  The blue sky and brilliant sunshine trick you, making you forget its November as I rush out dressed without coat or gloves.  The hills nestled around our house have lost their mesmerizing brilliance.  A burnt charred- color of orange and brown; the final drops of color draining from the hills are the last flames to light the distant horizon.  Less intense, but still pretty to gaze at, like the last embers of a lowering fire.  Soon dry naked branches, dotted with the steady soldiers of tall ancient evergreens will spread on every hill.

Wish I had a good shot of my November hills, but I do not, so my words and your imagination will have to suffice.

I did get some good shots this sunny week.

And here they are:

"down to the dregs"

the last of our homemade apple cider,

enjoyed warmed in the backyard with the babe

My I heart Macro shot for the week.



November means comfort food

Big portions

with hot coffee

Some homemade cranberry sauce,

with dried cherry, cut up tangerine, and sugar

cooked till gooey and hot.

My Pink Saturday Shot



Painting my pumpkins, instead of carving them,

means they last well into November.

  Once we cut into our pumpkins I think every squirrel

in a 5 mile radius can smell it,

and in a matter of days my carved pumpkins

get nibbled away to pumpkins pulp.

Plus painting them means the little ones and babe can help.

My Shadow Shot Sunday photo


As always click on my buttons to the right if you would like to join in.

Here's to November starting out lovely.



15 thoughts on “My November Hills in words, and some pretty shots too

  1. I can’t really decide…but I think I like the ‘painted’ pumpkin photo the best of the three. All are super tho.
    Off the Pier…shadows is my link, if you’d care to view.
    Have a great day.


  2. Beautifully done photos. I, too, like to paint my pumpkin… cover with two coats white acrylic paint and draw on a black spider web; add 1-2 plastic spiders. The g’kids like it. I like the lack of mess and the fact that it makes me seem artistic, which I’m not.


  3. Lovely words and photos for November :). I will admit that I usually don’t think much of November since the seasons are hardly distinctive here. But then again, November is when we can really spend all day outside and not be sweating profusely, when the kids will prefer to ride their bikes then hide away inside from the humidity. That is definitely worth loving November for…
    Your cranberry sauce looks amazing!!


  4. Mom all of the shots are beautiful and I love the apple cider and the pink shot with the pumpkins and it is true the squires do eat up all of our pumpkins. I thought that was so funny!! :D:D:D:D:D:D


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