Le Rubbish



I have said it before, and I shall say it again:

I love the Somerset magazines.

It is a toss up which one I heart more, the Somerset Life, or Somerset Home.  A simple but delightful indulgence for this lady, is driving to Barnes and Noble some evening, ordering a green tea, of decaf ( I have been good lately) or, if the occasion demands it; a carmel frap, and flipping through a couple issues of Somerset.

That is just what I did a few weeks ago and could not get an altered lunch bag, covered in filmy lacey white fabric out of my mind.  It was featured in the fall edition of Somerset Life. The artist responsible for that particular loveliness was Paulette Adams at summer land cottage studio.

Here's what I came up with:













My bag will be used, as the little Birdie said: "for all your little scraps too lovely to throw away".  I have become a little compulsively obsessed with saving things.  All under the good intent of:  "this could be used for something else…its too pretty to throw out". 

 So various little bits of pretties get stuck in every possible dish, drawer, box, jar all around and about my room.  The idea is now, they will all be in one place.  And I will force myself, when my Le Rubbish bag starts to Le bulge, to tip the girl over, see what I got, and make a quick little something.  We shall see.

All the supplies for my Le Rubbish bag where things I had around the house.

Started with a wine bag.

The white stretchy lacy fabric is some wonderful remnant fabric I had left over.  I found out that when you have an intact bag, you can't just zip your added fabric pieces with your sewing machine onto the bag…you sew the bag shut! (how long have I been sewing?)  So it was a hand sewing affair, using my embroidery thread.

Lots of buttons, scrap fabric, and bead string. 

Did you notice in the first picture that I spelled "scraps" wrong? (how long have I been spelling one syllable words?)

Pathetic errors aside: it was a lovely way to spend the last two evenings. Haven't spent  any time to speak of in my sewing room, spending a few hours on excessively pretty , yet hardly necessary objects.

Perhaps my gatherings of Le Rubbish will find its way into a fabric collage for my Le Wall.

Here's to inspiration.




4 thoughts on “Le Rubbish

  1. Beautiful bag mom and I got to say you can put together any thing you can find you are a great creative mother!!
    P.S. you are a creative woman compared to people that are NOT in your home family.


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