Halloween stitching…morning frost clicking





My life is so varied; minute to minute really.

Hence, the whole "many slices" thing.

I have never been a huge Halloween girl.  Love the rhythm and feel of Autumn and Harvest.  But kids loved Halloween; and a child's enthusiasm is contagious.  Which is why I find myself, every year, getting excited about doing some "Lazy girl sewing" and " semi-homemade"  costumes for my girls.

The big girls costumes could be made entirely from stuff we had in our closets (talk about a Halloween miracle). 

The kinder and babe are little witches.  And once more I am  blessing:

My Mother-in-Law  &   TJMaxx!!

I needed her seamstress eyes and brain to convert this….

(ten yards of black and purple halloween-y mesh-y, wire-y, glitter-y goodness for $7.99 at, you guessed it, TJMaxx)

to this……



My kinder's dress was a little more tricky.  I wanted to put a puffy petticoat from an old ratty Christmas dress under it.  It was white, so I had to attach an old ratty black nylon vampire cape to the petticoat, and then attach those to the glittery skirt.  Ya, probably a little too many layers, but the sewing bug got to me.

Here it is minus one adorable witch inside of it, cuz all those pictures came out terrible…(stupid inside lighting)


Oh yeah, that band around it is another step of fabric I had to sew in cuz the meshy stuff frays terrible. 

Have you ever tried to sew curling, wire mesh to 3 other layers of various fabrics, all fraying and with about 97 tangled threads  poking out in every direction?


It was actually really easy and relaxing.

Not, really.


Another lesson a decade of sewing has taught me:

If you are yelling and cursing at your sewing machine as if it is an  actual real person bent of doing you harm,  you should stop sewing on that machine.

The skirt had to be finished.  Did not even start on the witch's hat and broom, mind you.  So I plunked myself down, several rooms away from my conspiring sewing machine, finishing up with some hand sewing.

Yeah me!

Fast forward to last night.  Guess who fell asleep directly after The Office?  Yup.  Can you further guess who had to get up early this morning to make a broom and put the last touches on a store bought witch's hat (the hat was three bucks,and everyone knows the cardboard ones always turn out crappy).

Lots of excited girls this morning.

Lots of last minute Halloween costume touches and accessories.  I did not even get the first sip of my coffee till 7:30. But like I said early: Children's enthusiasm is contagious.  What had the potential for a hideous morning, went pretty good.  (Thank You Lord, for not so small miracles).

You can imagine that  s  l  o  w ….e x h a l e   of relief I took when I pulled into my driveway after dropping 3 excited girls off, costumes, party necessities in hand, and just breathed.

I noticed for the first time, the golden shimmer of my front yard…

Babe secured with Curious George on PBS,  camera, gloves, hat, tightly pulled bathrobe, wool sweater coat,and yes slippers, I went outside to click…

prepare for lots of pictures, i promise they are lovely




My single zinnia bloom …a latent sprout, crystallized in frost as soon as it greeted the sun.  A beautiful deathblow.

The gentle wash of morning light: cheerful gold to somber blue shadows

"If only the last of the birds, content to hunker down for the winter with me, owned little ice skates"

How does a curbside find, turned outside potting table become even cooler?  Cover it in a powdery icing of jack frost magic.


Then there were the leaves:

A splendid covering of diamond edged carpet:  A royal tapestry of color fit for the fairy king himself:






And finally, the roses, the roses.

The ice queen of my garden.  Still proud, and imposing, bowed over, her life force now seized up; but stunning none the less.  Who would expect less from the queen?







Hope you enjoyed my sharing of my hectic beautiful life.  I can't help but keep my fingers glued to my keyboard, despite the niggling truth that according to typepad I just passed 700 words, and its almost noon.  I feel compelled to share that my little morning, these last few days, happened because I choose to stay home, not work. There are days that I hate it.  There are days that I feel guilty because I enjoy it so much.  But overall, I am grateful.  We go without. (well without in the 21st century American sense of the word, don't get me started).  That is part of the reason why I did my lazy girl sewing for my girls' costumes.  I can't afford to go to Target and spend about $100 on four costumes.  Anyone who who has ever struggled with depression as I do, knows that faced with the reality of constantly being at home, without adult interaction, absolutely feeds the flames of despondency that settles over a person fighting this dark demon. 

Yet the loveliness, and beauty, the calm, and joy I was able to glean from my children, nature, from my needle going in and out of fabric, would of been, in all likelihood, missed, squashed and obliterated in a harried brain that has to be so many people.

Am I starting to sound like a pompous… judge-y?

Maybe I am.

But I do know that women have too much on their plates.  God made us for pleasure, and joy, for reflection, and thinking.  Us stay at homers are often labeled as either lazy, or out of touch.  Or our choice to stay at home, instead of being gainfully employed: as "lucky".  My work ethic, warm fuzzy feelings, or random selection of the universe has nothing to do with it.

Conversely, working mothers are labeled as materialistic, un-feminine, half-hearted, mothers.

I know lots of working mothers, and that is not true of them.

Both labels, cloud our judgement.  We are our own person.  Created by God.  We get one chance to raise our children well.  To enjoy life, that over flows with so many good things, rising to the top, precarious and delicate, just above the undercurrent of our stress and pain.

Any women reading this, warring with herself with which path to take, should forget the labels. 

The world is full of idiots. 

Really think, pray and decide what you want out of life.  No two people are the same.  No two mothers will ever see eye to eye on everything.  But there is a best way.  There is a path that leads to life and blessings for yourself, your family.

God knows I don't know what it is for you.

But He does.

Here's to blogs.



5 thoughts on “Halloween stitching…morning frost clicking

  1. You know what my opinion is without me even writing it. You’re doing the most rewarding thing there is to do on earth – to make a HUGE impact and difference in the lives of four human beings. Let’s make that five – because being at home DOES make life easier and better for your other half – no doubt! And through your writing, you’re reaching out beyond your home, too. Keep on keepin on. I’m so sure you’ll never regret it. And BTW, GREAT job on the costumes!!! And when Halloween is officially over, you won’t have wasted the $100 ! And these are the costumes your girls will remember – not purchased flimsy whatevers.


  2. We’re sure that you’ll get those costumes done 🙂 Love Halloween…the costume thing is just plain fun trying to find things in the house & picking up things here and there to create a one-of-a-kind outfit that will make everyone say – “now that is cute!!” Have lots of fun gathering candy!!


  3. Fabulous job on the costumes – totally worth it, in my opinion. 😉 And I lovelovelove the light you captured in your yard (and the frost). Magical. Peaceful. Lovely. Keep remembering to breathe. =)


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