My Week: a running dialogue and photo shoot

Its been a whole week.

Wanted to sit down and blog several times this week, but the busyness of life, and a hard-drive with 1% memory space left, prevented me.

Having a hard time deciding what to blog.

So here's all it:

Condensed in a running dialogue with of course lots of photos peppered in.

Oh yeah, you will also find my Sunday shadow shot, pink Saturday, and i heart macro photo shots snuck in there too.

Last Saturday:

Leah:    OK girls (7 girls: 4 daughters; 3 nieces to be exact) its raining, so scare crow making is out…lets paint pumpkins

7 short females:   Woo Hoo!  You rock!  I want to be just like YOU when I grow up!  How did you get SO cool, anyway?

(how I decorate pumpkins)


Sunday: Three minutes after getting home from church.


Eldest Daughter:  Mom I wanna know how to make an apple pie.  You promised.

Leah: (sigh) OK… give me like a half hour.

Eldest daughter: A half hour to do what?

Leah: To do nothing.


(she was pleased  as punch, to make her first pie. 

I officially never have to bake again: bonus).



Leah(talking to herself again):  I need to re-arrange our living room.  Hmmm…if I move the couch to this wall…oh wait then you'll be able to see this…


Ok I'll just move my chair in the other corner and….CRAP!  Forgot about the "toddler artwork behind it"


OK, Tim's cello just has to get put in the other room it just….C'mon…WTF!! I forgot the huge sheetrock square we never got around to wall papering over…


All right I think I will just move the rugs so the colors…SUCK!  I forgot…


That's it…this hideous wall paper is coming down.  Right now. And the rug is going back.



My Sunday shadow shot, and lovely walls without wallpaper or new paint…I call it "shabby ghetto".





Caroline:  Hey Mama, lets have one last picnic.

Mama:    Well its about 50 degrees and kinda windy…

Caroline: (blink, blink big blue eyes) Pu-leeeze!

Mama:  OK


pink plastic, imitation silver, eco-friendly beverage containers, and wet leaves never looked so good together.

My Pink Saturday Shot.

Crunchy golden carpet.

My i heart macro photo.


Friday: 2:20pm

Leah: (yes, talking to herself again)  Hmmm….its gonna rain.  And my oldest  three children will be walking home from school soon, and I didn't pack the umbrellas…again.

I could just drive, but I had wine and peanut butter cookies for dinner last night…and slept in and did not work out…I promised myself I would exercise today….Hey Caroline wanna walk in the rain….How fun is that?

A $5.00 umbrella is cheap yes…but can't it last longer than a day?  Though its was, to quote Pooh Bear " a rather blustery day".




Friday: 4:30 pm

Random daughter:  Shut up you fat dork!

Random daughter:  You shut up.!  I HATE you!

Leah:  Be quiet, don't yell shut up to each other!

Random daughter(s):   Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Leah: Shut Up! I told you no yelling!

More random daughters:  Whatever Mom.  

                                           That's not fair

                                           I didn't do anything

                                           I don't have to

                                           This sucks Mom

Leah:  Ok that is it!

(Leah dramatically sits up and goes into her studio; rummages around, muttering to herself.  Comes stomping out with paints, glue, papers, and tape dispensers).

Random daughters: (in a panicked yet fascinated voice) What is that?  What are you doing?  Mom….Mom…what are you doing?  Tell us …Tell us!

Leah:   That is for me to know, and you to find out ( I have always wanted to use that line).


Same day: 5:30pm





Eldest Daughter:  Umm…so what's up with the BAM…thing??

Leah:  Glad you asked… sweetie. (dripping with sarcasm) Every time I here BAM (bad attitude mouth) you get one warning. I get the fun of barking out: BAM! The second time you have to write your name on one of the blank pieces of glued on paper.  When you're name goes up, you have to do a real annoying hideous chore, that you will hate.

Random Daughters:  What if….?   What if….?   But…  Yeah, but let's say…?

Leah: Nope.



It worked.



13 thoughts on “My Week: a running dialogue and photo shoot

  1. ah ha ha!! Good one – love it “BAM!” wish i would have thought of that one!! What a great week in photos…enjoyed every bit of it – love the shabby ghetto look…very funny as well! It’s so good that you can roll with the punches…we love that!
    Here’s to another great week Leah!


  2. Brilliant!!!
    Lovelovelove your documented week! And I can totally appreciate the “shabby ghetto” decorating scheme. 😉
    You are amazing. And brave for letting 7 youngsters paint. And yes, cool. I wanna be like you when I grow up too…
    =) K


  3. Ha!! I loved this post lol!! Shabby ghetto –love. And your BAM, I can definitely see how that would work!
    And tell your daughter the apple pie looks wonderful, havent made one yet this year, she inspired me!
    Have a great week!


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