Rose’s Last Stand: my Macro and Pink photo group


It happens every fall…




My garden starts to wax old, as annuals die, perennials start to curl up inside themselves…


The first anxious leaves have broken free from the branches; blanketing the rug of garden mulch and weeds…



I dismiss the garden from my mind, fall projects filling the spaces of my brain, and I barely notice her existence as I pass from porch to fence…



but then  I catch a glimpse of pink, a streak of pastel, small yet vivid, amongst over growth of green and warm hues of orange and gold.

My pink rose brush has had one last quick eruption of pink blossoms…


When I look closely I see delicate sharp thorns of blood-toned pink.  I imagine the inner nutrients, buried deep down in the roots, pumping sustaining life force into its twisting canes.  Preparing and strengthening it for the long harsh winter ahead.

Look closely.

See the pink; dappled and resolute.

That is what I have come to love so much about photography:  a snap shot of an image that suddenly catches your eye, later becomes a frozen picture that can unfold layers of depth and beauty you would have never grasped or appreciated in your hurried "present".

So here is to sucking up, gulping down, and digesting, and relishing the last drop of our fair weather nourishment.


Join the photography fun if you want and be part of the "I heart Macro" and "Pink Saturday" photo group.  Their handy-dandy buttons are to the left of this post.






9 thoughts on “Rose’s Last Stand: my Macro and Pink photo group

  1. Hello and thank you for your comment on my Pink Roses post. I wish I could take credit for these beautiful roses, but they’re located at Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield, Ohio. I went there to visit last week. Sadly, I don’t have a sunny space to plant my own roses! Your pink one is such a gorgeous shade of pink!
    Happy Sunday!


  2. Thank you for your sweet comments about my blog. I’ve only blogged about three weeks, and it’s a lot of fun. I LOVE your blog, your photos are beautiful. And we’ve taken a couple of trips to New York, and I felt the same as you about how I was dressed! 😛 You have a lovely family!


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