house of my pilgrimage

PA110001 PA110013What a non-stop train we have been going on since the start of the school year.  Yesterday I cleaned, organized, and flipped load after load of laundry, and then cooked a big old home made dinner, complete with some home-made apple sauce.  

It felt good, as housewife boring that sounds.  I thrive on organization and routine.

I read this verse this morning, sitting at my leisure, after a return of my early morning yoga.  I loved the verse "…my songs in the house of my pilgrimage". Psalms 119:54 KJV.

 I am getting back on track and preparing to hunker down for the long stretch of winter that is just around the corner.  The house of my pilgrimage…what has been my pilgrimage? 

It has been a lot of things. Spiritual and relational.   I have been spending lots of time blogging about such things as of late.

  But today, I am in a creative mood. 

My creative pilgrimage has traveled down many winding roads.

From scrap booking, to quilts, to stitched home decor, to mixed media, to fiber art, to photography and writing.

Here are some examples of little projects I have done this summer and fall.












These are the little bookmarks I have been steadily making these last three or four months.  I love goodreads, as you know.  Part of a really cool aspect of being part of the goodreads social network is their "bookswap".  You list books you would like to have, and books you own that you would be willing to part with.  If a fellow book lover requests one of your own books, then goodreads emails you a shipping label with the little code thing, all postage paid. I simply print it out, and then just cut a brown wine bag apart, and wrap the book up in it, and stick it in my mailbox.

  After 10 books and I get a goodreads bookswap book for free. 

I decided to include a little hand made bookmark with the copy of my book I send out for my bookswap.  It's been good for me.  I just have not had the time to get into my sewing/studio room.  Big projects are not in my current realm of possibility.  Getting bits of fabric, buttons, pretty paper, stamps, ink, and bauble, pumps some creativity back into my veins, forces me to clean out my sewing room and organize a bit. And it's good book karma.

I have done a bit of embroidery this summer and fall too.  I have been promising other embroidery blogger girls pics for quite the while.

Another day.

Here's to the pilgrimage of growing, expanding, right in the comforts of our home.



3 thoughts on “house of my pilgrimage

  1. I love your bookmarks! You must post more pictures of them:) Also – your trip to NYC looked like it was amazing. I was there once on New Year’s Eve about 15 years ago, would love to go back and see more. Have a great week.


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