New York, New York

Here it is folks:

New York, New York – the little weekend trip that nearly gave me a nervous break down.

Been a tad  on the wordy side with my posts as of late, and so I will just say that NYC was a terrific experience for our family.  The two littlest ones stayed with Gramma and Papa safe and snug in upstate New York.

We walked, and walked, and walked, everywhere hitting up anything that was lovely and free  in the hub of New York, right around Grand Central Station. 

One personal note.

I forgot that NYC is the fashion capital of the world.

I dressed for comfort.

That equals looking like a plain, frumpy out- of -towner.

I have not experienced the wilting effect a female undergoes when a stylish, skinnier, hipper female gives your paultry outfit and worn sneakers the up and down and then dismisses you with obvious contempt. 

I suddenly was cursing myself for slicking my hair back in a pony tail, wearing capris (why did I wear capris…no one wears them,they are so out of style and yes slightly stained). 

I now have the urge to buy skinny jeans (anyone under the age 35 was wearing them in the city) and at least highlight my hair.

But fashon faux pas aside, it was incredible.  I now see what people mean when they talk about the city's vibe.  I was unprepared for all the antiquity standing ancient,lovely, and imposing amongst all the modern, sleek, and bold buildings.

Follow me from Poughkeepsie train station to Times Square if you wish.

I promise not to interrupt too much:


prelude to Grand Central Station; very lovely in itself


they still do the "clicky, clicky thing" on the train- like Tom Hanks in Polar Express…who knew?

train ride with a view


the classic Grand Central Station arched Gothic windows


i simply must interrupt here:  this is the first image I saw upon flowing onto the streets of New York.  The second thing I saw was a full blown TAKE DOWN by the boys (and one girl) in blue, arresting some dude.

Welcome to New York.

Is that a hoot or what?

down Madison avenue to…


by far the most beautiful spot we explored that day


why can't our library have gi-normous stone carved lions



the"pooh room" with the originial Winnie The Pooh stuffed animals



opulence and beauty everywhere…my husband pointed out that from this window is a great view of the Empire State Building.

oh yeah, there were books too.  I liked this book, in one of the many reading rooms, of quotes, here is a page of quotes on photography.


down the street we go to…


more oldness with loveliness sandwiched between moderness…


St. Patricks Cathedral.  OK, let me just say, I did not like this place.


It was swarmed with tourists, while service was going on, a wedding infact. People were clobbering their hands in Holy Water, looking around talking…I don't know, it immediatly struck me as odd.  The longer I was in there, the more I truely loathed it.  It felt wrong…tourism with reverence.  Lots of peole would disagree I know…(stop rolling your eyes Nella). 

My two cents.





then rode the gilded escaltors at Trump towers, and oogled at the 3 story waterfall



this is where I paid much too much for a salted carmel mocha frap.

picked up an offical FAO Schwarz boa and climbed the rocks at Central Park

why do men age so much better than women…isn't fair!

Look how handsome he looks


My oldest took as many pictures as I…many better shots than my own

Last stop.

A trip we will always remember.




4 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Skinny jeans are pretty much the dumbest fashion trend ever, and that is coming from a guy who tightrolled his jeans back in the day.
    Nice pics! I prefer experiencing NYC vicariously through other people.


  2. Yay – I’m so glad you got to go after all! And I think you’re being just a bit too hard on yourself – I think you looked lovely. Just remember, fashions come and go – confidence lives on. 😉 P.S. LOVE the Winnie The Pooh stuffies.


  3. Oh Leah…you looked perfectly fine…that woman was probably just bummed that she didn’t have an awesome family hanging out with her like you!! I’ve never been to Grand Central Station all the times we’ve gone to the city….so I enjoyed it through your eyes! Love the story about the first thing you saw was a criminal – ha! The first time I went into NY my husband took the wrong exit and we came up on a burned out car on the side…and headed into Harlem 🙂 It was all good!! Have a great week!


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