Dark and Light


Here is my Sunday Shadow Shot, at hey harriet

and my Pink Saturday shot at  how sweet the sound.

A two for one, from my PC archives. 

Honestly, it has been quite the week. 

A week of extreme highs and lows. 

I have wanted to kill my children.

I have wanted to hug them and not let them go.  Ever.

My heart is broken over some loved ones today. A family member who is in a bad way.

My heart is rejoicing over my 5-year-old today.  She asked last night, out of the blue, that "when she is a really, really, old lady, would she go up to Heaven or stay in the junk yard".  (By junk yard, she meant grave yard). 

That led to questions.

Opening The Bible.


More questions.

Simple prayers.

And my third daughter accepted Christ.

Five years of prayers culminating into a single Spirit-filled moment.

Such highs and lows leave a person exhausted.

I am reminded of the words of St. Paul:

            "we are persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed".

I just finished the book The Messenger of Magnolia Street by River Jordan (see my review at the left margin).

This book that I picked up on a fluke because I forgot to pack my beach read on vacation, and could not find a single book that I had on my lists as "to read" at the bookstore.  I selected this book solely because I thought the cover was cool, and it was on super clearance (my love of books does not supersede my cheapness).  And this novel was such an encouragement, the words flowed like a prayer, as I faced lots of darkness and discouragement this week.

But with darkness always comes light.

Light can only be dispersed and recognized when its dark.

Jesus Christ is The Light of the world.

Not simply a comforting idea.

Not an ancient philosophy.

Not a story for children at Christmas time.

Because of Jesus Christ, fully man and fully God, the struggle of darkness and light, that, regardless of religious inclinations, none can deny is not a lonely, struggling swim.  His broad shoulders take the blow.  His arms stroke though the waves.  He safely delivers us to the other side. 
Darkness and Light.  The struggle continues.  But the final victory is clear.


5 thoughts on “Dark and Light

  1. Leah I can relate to your week. Riah messaged me a link to your blog knowing about my crappy week. All I can say is “if it wasn’t for Jesus.” Thank you for your HONEST words. Too many times as Christians we try and cover up the hard times and put the front up that our life is always peachy. Thank you Lord tha no load is too big for you to carry.


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