Following the fog (in new purple shoes)



If you follow the winding road out of town, only for a few miles, you will settle into the town of Big Flats.  So named, because it is a very low-laying area, spraying out for just a few miles, sandwiched between the Chemung River and sudden rising hills.  The result, as all the locals know, is that come Fall, the town of Big Flats is perpetually buried in fog every morning, until the sun rises high enough and burns through the swirly tufts of mist.  Locals also know, that Big Flats is where "the Mall" is, and thanks to booming consumerism, several mall spawns of shopping plazas.  One such plaza has my favorite store: Target.  (that is where the snazzy shoes came from: authentic converse sparkly shoes for 6 bucks, and the laces have glitter too!).

While driving home the rain had stopped, and just a slice of sun pieced through thick billowy clouds.  The fog at this time of the morning, was not its heavy cloak self, but a ladies scrunchy scarf, casually thrown over the shoulders of the green hills.  Saying: yeah, I look good.

It was so beautiful.  And of course, lamented out loud:

"Oh, I wish I had my camera!"

Driving on, following the winding road that would in minutes deposit me to my own home, bright, lovely, but mist-less, I decided;

"You know what?  I am gonna drive myself back there and take some pictures.".

And that is what I did.

Here is what I captured.

Scenery shots are not my strong point.  I hope I did it some justice.  But just like "the book is always better than the movie", the real sight was of course, much more pretty than these shots.

Me and the babe had such a blast following the fog, pulling off at parks, in corn fields, and horse fields.











(the black sloping thing at the bottom is a horse)


(same horse, very dissapointed we did have food for him)


Here's to sudden impulses.


3 thoughts on “Following the fog (in new purple shoes)

  1. Excuse me, but I thought you said you weren’t good at scenery shots………… ummmmm looks to me like you surely ARE! Absolutely beautiful! And I ditto Emily — good for you for going with the moment! I do that every now and then (not often enough) and am ALWAYS rewarded with happiness! hugs!


  2. Wonderful pictures!! This is a terrific story and adventure!
    Your “babe” next to the cornfields reminds me of the photo that I just finished and put on my blog.
    Thanks for visiting my strawberries painting – what a complement that you thought it was an altered photo.
    Have a great weekend!


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