Cape May Bomb: #2~ look at all that pink; shadow Sunday , i heart macro, pink Saturday


I am so very, very glad I am not color-blind.

Houses such as this one simply could not translate its wonder without seeing those  soft and stunning confetti of pinks, greens, purples, and yellows.

I am fairly certain that the Easter Bunny must reside here at least part of the year.  Is it not the architectural equivalent of an Easter basket?

I love pink and that beautiful tone reigns queen here in Victorian Cape May.

The kindred~ pink~loving ~souls at Beverly's how sweet the sound

would not want to go home if they came here.

Pink is everywhere:

 cracked and welcoming on some worn front steps

intricately carved in heart facades


pink petals fill in the cracks and street curbs…a true flower fairy dusting…magical trim for stones and cement

has a sailor's wife ever leaned her skirt against this widow watch?…how many hours?…has she ever shed tears of thanksgiving or heartbreak on the smooth pink banister?

Where I come from narrow alleyways typically end in boarded up apartments, not pink Georgian architecture.

Being in Cape May at the end of September means I saw lots of harvest orange peppered in with tones of pink.  Such a pretty unexpected juxtaposition of color.

Leading me to perhaps unconsciously purchase this orange and  pink scarf (I usually hate orange- you can only find it in my home come October in the form of pumpkins…I even rip out those orange day lillies that spread everywhere).

And doesn't this stripe-y shell match perfectly?


And for my shadow shot Sunday group at hey harriet and my  "I heart macro" shot at water stone jewerly  I leave you with this last warm shot:



We decided to drive through the night to get here early on Wednesday; when you only have 2 nights and 3 days to escape, you squeeze every spare minute in.  This was our view from the popular McGlades on the Beach Restaurant.  Gazing at the Atlantic Ocean with a steaming cup of coffee was the only thing I kept thinking of during the usually hectic  and hideous pre-trip preparations.  Including, but not limited to:

*children in the urgent care unit

*backing into a parked vehicle in the drug store's parking lot getting medication for said sick urgent care child

*sinus infections

*last minute school meeting

*scrambling to find out when the school picture photos can be re-scheduled because, of course, they made Picture Day earlier this year and my girls missed it!

Let me remind you again that you can find links to:

pink saturday;  shadow shot Sunday;  and i heart macro;

at my sidebar on the left.  I highly recommend.




7 thoughts on “Cape May Bomb: #2~ look at all that pink; shadow Sunday , i heart macro, pink Saturday

  1. What great shots – I wanna go now!!! I looove Victorian houses and this place looks magical! Sad to hear about all the chaos that you had to deal with prior to… I totally know how that is. But just put on your lovely scarf and think of all the goodness that it represents. =)


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