Cape May Bomb: slice #1~an overview



Me and Hubby returned today from our much~too~short~much~too~lovely annual~ September~ trip to Cape May, New Jersey; on the southern most tip of the Garden State.  It was exactly one year ago, right here, that I took the plunge and started "many slices".    Our inn owner made the comment: "you can't take a bad picture here".  I think he is right.

I am really tired right now-just uploaded a bunch of pics on facebook.  It goes without saying, however, that I must share a smattering of eye candy with my fellow blog-inians.

I walked the beaches, was professionally rubbed in a semi-lit room by a masseur,  and gazed at miles and miles of rainbow colored Victorian lined streets, ate incredible food, and found myself, time and time again, formulating in my brain just how I would structure my Cape May post(s). 

After one year of blogging I understand the sentiment I have often read that: "blogging changes your life".

Check in every day this week to catch a "slice" of my Cape May Bomb posts.

Here's a teaser:(though even the best-laid plans have a way of crumbling and disappering like a sand castle built too close the breakers when you share your home with four children).  We shall see.

P9200022 eating and           

drinking(where most the money goes)

and a brief history on

"widow watches and walks"


P9210066  P9200049  P9220081 P9220109






STORES:  where the rest of the money goes

BEACHES: free moving beauty

FLOWERS & ARCHEITECTURE: lining  every street, from stately &immaculate; to quirky & fun; to rustic & romantic

COLOR:  every tone, evey texture, everywhere

Cape May and my camera shall return.

Have a great weekend!  I hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of Fall.



3 thoughts on “Cape May Bomb: slice #1~an overview

  1. Yup, its hard to do…especially given we could not afford to go to the beach this summer…but now Daddy and Mommy are going without them…(guilt) But it is really beneficial for our marriage…I find the real Tim…that tall guy I fell in love with…not just the guy who brings home the paycheck and “please could you help with the kids” dude. And I think he feel the same towards me, except I have not made any money in over a decade of course.


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