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Here is my next Sunday Shadow Shot.  Its late(close to midnight, now how can that BE?), but I just got it in. Click on the button on the bottom left (after lots of book reviews) to join in.

Its that's time of year again.

The little people (most of them) are back in the swing of school.

The sun warms my bedroom later and later each morning.

The nights are cooler, more snugly.

I don't care about my garden (much, still love buying those bright Mums though).

As the Earth tilts away from the sun, I lean into my house.  In particular a resurregance of decoration.

The last lazy long days of Summer; as it bleeds, pools, and gushes into full throtle of: back~ to~ school and  gotta~get~the~last~of~the~ouside~projects~done

leaves me anemic.

I'm stressed, whirrling thoughts, can't relax, why do we suddenly have a million things to do, this week?

Today is the Sabbath.  Even God took a rest, so should we right?  Well, ploppin down wathcing football, reading a book, sounds good, but there is a very un-scientific theory I have that small children have a type of sonic honing device in their brain that goes off, when their mother positions themselves into a reclining condition. In short they won't let me relax.  My two-year currently finds it hilarious to head butt me and pull my hair, under the guise of snuggling: fun.

My husband can't understand it, but I can be relaxed while dusting, rooting around in the attic, sweating as I try to smash nails into our tired walls.

I re-arranged, cleaned and got out my fall decorations out, as my down time today.

So with out further ado; here was my Sunday afternoon decoration therapy:

It all started with some old quilts that my mother gave me.  I needed to move this and that, and they were so warm and snugly and pretty…

Speaking of quilts, I love making quilted table mats.  You can make it in a day, it adds instant warmth to any setting. And I get my fabric itch and rush taken care of with having to buy yards and yards of fabric.

Illuminating decor

Shadowy centerpiece

Impromptu details:  these black&white fabric pumpkins I got super cheap at target last year.  Pulled them out this year, and I just did not like them…then it hit me…the tacky cheap plastic leaf and red plaid bow on top was all wrong.  Rip it off, get some remnant deep plum purple fabric; rip that too, one long edge, tie it up, then add some old black netted bias tape I got somewhere, and presto!  A completely different look, and ripping is so therapeutic.

My inside decorating mood does NOT exclude my front porch of course




P9110056           She









(i don't even try to tell her not to pick them anymore, it  is pointless and just causes a lot of irritation)




I know I made a big deal about being in a "decorating" mindset, but these late-blooming butterfly bush spikes are just too pretty to go un-photographed.  My gardens last hooray:




Here's to fall decorating with a lot of purple.



5 thoughts on “decorating therapy

  1. I think I need a butterfly bush – had one at our old house…and, after seeing yours, decided that I really do miss it!
    Laughing….husbands don’t understand that nesting/fluffing thing is relaxing – nothing better than having the time in life to just putz around the house decorating!!
    Here’s to more “putzing” this week for us both!


  2. Oh you’ve made me want to sprinkle “fall” all around my house:) LOVE the old quilts from your mom – I have one old quilt that I got at an old farm sale years ago. I treasure it, it’s the only one I have! Also – the lunch tote is adorable, hope you are enjoying some down time, even if you re-arrange your whole house to relax:)


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