why I am up at nearly midnight on the night before shcool…


I am making the cafeteria crafty


The shiny red lunch bag is a scaled down TJMaxx re-usable shopping bag.  Is anyone else out there aware of how cool and big and handy and bloody cheap (99 cents!) the TJMaxx bags are exactly?   We have them all over the house because I cannot stop buying them.  Any way, I scaled it down to lunch-carrying-size.  I added an inside burlap pocket for the juice box, stamped-dyed another piece of burlap, matted some cute remnant bird fabric on that, put a cut out heart-shape on that, and then embroidered "Lydia's Lunch".

No sweat, only took like 3 or 4 hours!  But I guarantee no one else will have her same lunch bag tomorrow at her first day of Kindergarten.

We paid off our lay-a-way today (another reason I love "the maxx" : lay-a-way rocks)!

New book bags, socks, undies ;for the girls ,training bras; for whom I vowed never to mention, and new fluffy towels for Mom, make us want to take pictures, even though a scary ~looking ~smoking~ dishwasher on ~break~ from ~the ~Old Country Buffet~ next door is staring at us, making us uncomfortable.

My 2 year old is pretty convinced she to will be striding into Kindergarten class tomorrow with her best friend.

See the extra backpack and shoes laid out?


Makes me wonder?:

Who is gonna cry more tomorrow upon walking away from my daughter's brightly colored Kindergarten classroom?

The toddler or The Mama?

Here's to three down, one to go.



5 thoughts on “why I am up at nearly midnight on the night before shcool…

  1. How I had to smile about the TJ Maxx bags, yes I know what you mean!! I love what you did for your daughters lunchbox, too cute!!
    I hope they have a wonderful first day and that your youngest isn’t in too much of a rush to join her sisters.


  2. So sweet! And I LOVE that lunch bag!! I want one!!! Oh, and i love TJ Maxx and have been spending WAY too much time and money there lately… but I love it… clothes, shoes, furniture, and decor… yay!!!


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