September Morning: Shadow Shot Sunday


I had a bunch of shots yesterday to  put up, that came out really well.  But I decided to put this up for my Sunday Shadow Shot, because, well its just cool, in that very, very amatuer photographer way.  I love the blury pink fence and the  dappled sun.   This part of our backyard gets the prettiest sun and shade. 

Being part of the Sunday Shadow Shot at hey harriet has really made me look at shadow and light differently.




4 thoughts on “September Morning: Shadow Shot Sunday

  1. This scene looks like an Impressionist painting!
    I love my shadow,
    My shadow loves me;
    We chat together
    And don’t disagree!
    My shadow and I
    Prefer not to shout
    As we go walking
    And rambling about.
    My shadow’s so wise,
    I ask what she thinks;
    She’s happy to share,
    And then nods and winks.
    My shadow and I
    Are best buds, you see;
    That’s why we try hard
    To always agree!
    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher


  2. Love the shadows Leah…good choice! Thanks for stopping by as well, and for the lovely comments 🙂 Been scrolling through your book reviews (always looking for a good book) and you blog…love the blue paint episode…that is GREAT! A girl after our own hearts!! Love your pink fence as well. This year we took one of our old chairs outside of the store and painted it the same color….we loved it this summer, but I think we’ll love it even more in January – lol!!


  3. That is such a cool photo. I thought the top bit was a butterfly until I looked closer and came to the conclusion that it’s actually a piece of fabric. Lovely! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog


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