Raise Your Hand If You Love September


September, September

Sweeter than I remember

Saturday mornings, blue yet hazy,Summer-like, but more cool

Energized I shake off the lazies, grab a rusty garden tool

The carpet of weeds; thick, stubborn, tangled,

 Two weeks ago, depressed me, de-flatteted me, at the thought of getting them wrangled

Two- year -old "helpers" prefer to pick marigolds on the sly

Much more than piling my weed bucket high

Cheery dappled sunlight, peppered and flitting on gardens in charcol-green  shawdow

Hidden, our secret bend, boots crunching the narrow gravel path as we go

Long morning shadows, still heavy where pink fence meet backyard privacy

September's morning rays are slow to find this favorite spot of thefamily


The first slanting slice of sunbeam, initially just a shiny nick,

a dappled patchwork of light and fabric,

Quilt and shadow look the same;

the perfect spot for silly shadow game

September, September, her scent is the air.

September, September, Summer is over; me and the birds-  don't care P9020007


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