Showing Her Age


She is showing her age:

Though gracefully, no sign of blight

Mellow mossy patinas of sage

Creeping up, replacing confetti bright



She is relaxing her grip on the front yard reign

Lush over-growth dotted with withered leaves, dry brown stem

She whispers: "soak up, enjoy the finale we cannot constrain"

The last harvest-hued sunflower salutes her queen's end.


She has faithfully sent out her farewell entourage:

Cone-flowers, "Susan's", and Butterfly bush

August's patch-work collage

The Monarch's last push


Never bitter, more contently resigned

She has soldiered fierce heat, harsh showers

Provided, drenched, nurtured, each kind

Sending out in season her troops of flowers


The last grain soon to be dropping from "Summer's lease"  hour glass of sand

She, preparing her adieu, always on cue

We say our farewell, nostalgic, knowing her heir, Autumn, will soon take command



*I borrowed "summer lease" from one of my favorite poems "shall I compare thee to a summer's day" by Shakespeare.


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