A Blue Mood: August Shot #11

To be a mother is to be a person laden with guilt.

Yesterday, my girls were being really lazy.

That makes me really mad.

I was forced to clean "with them"; knowing that their mood was such, that as soon as I walked away, they would do the most horrible and hastily pick-up job, that the world has ever seen.

I got into one of my chiding moods. 

They deserved to get yelled at, but I may of went too far.

Its been a long summer.

Eventually,the art room floor, smeared with paint, and gooey glitter, did shine.

So I made their favorite lunch: grilled cheese with American and Colby Jack.

And a crowning tower of graham crackers smeared with cream cheese and topped with fresh blue berries: my blueberry dessert of penance.

Food always did cover a multitude of sin.

I carried out their lunch to the back yard deck and lo and behold, four girls were vigorously scrubbing their bodies with garden hose; eye darting around nervously. Egg robin blue  paint streaked up skinny arms, splattered on sweaty faces.

Apparently, my oldest, when I told her to go outside and "Just Do Something" decided to build a table out of scrap lumber (we always have it just laying around, sadly), and painted it blue.

I guess we were both "feelin' blue" yesterday.



One thought on “A Blue Mood: August Shot #11

  1. Great pictures! I know what you mean about guilt, and your daughters are not the only girls out there that feel like shoving everything under a bed is cleaning up. My two got nagged alot last night. Both my girls started back today. I keep debating whether I should just clean like a mad woman or take a day to myself and start cleaning tomorrow:)


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