A Sewing Mood: August Break Shot #9

When the moon is in the right phase…

When I have pegged that delicate balance of post-dinner wine and chocolate…

When Tim is taking off for a "guys weekend" and therefore, can be guilted into just about anything including taking the girls on a walk to the park without me…

I muster the enthusiasm/energy/power of concentration to:


Of course this is reality so I spent the first 30 minutes not serenely stitching and fingering my pretty fabric, but grumpily looking for my fabric piece that is to serve as my purse cover (an old skirt spilt open by the way).  It was in the backyard in the sandbox.  Of course! Why did I NOT look there first?

Here it is with the liner and inner pockets all sewed on.  And  only a little sand:

Here's to altered hip skirts and putting better locks on my sewing room doors.



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