Forced presents: August break #8

Kids are weird.

My near 5-year old, assaulted me with demands yesterday, while on the phone of course, that she wanted a "surprise presents and lots of notes" from me.  She would not drop it.  Yesterday was crazy, so no "surprise" gifts were bestowed on her.  I tried to tell her that you are not supposed to demand gifts of affections.  She was not getting it.

She was crying last night because she not did her notes and presents.(momguilt).

So early this morning guess what I did?

I had grand plans of suspending fluttery notes from her bedroom ceiling…but ya know that is not really realistic unless I got up at like 5am.

So…. I did write her a little note, I even glued on dried rose petals, and the present…well chocolate cupcakes (my daughter actually made them) with a cherry on top works.

Here's to demanded affection and chocolate at 7am.




One thought on “Forced presents: August break #8

  1. Oh I bet the look on her face was sheer joy at her gifts!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and it’s so nice to meet you and yours! I love your bookshelf and look forward to seeing what you can recommend to me!


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