Little Helpers: Shadow Shot Sunday#1


Here comes another photographer challenge I am participating in. is the place where I found this lovely challenge.

I just can't stay away.

Check out the link labeled Shadow Shot Sunday on my right sidebar.

This shot was taken this Spring. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.

Tiny ants furtively chewing away at my peonies.

Did you know that the reason why ants can always be found on peonies is because of the natural sweet waxy substance the buds secrete?

Did you further know that these little guys, as they greedily nibble on these hard buds, are aiding these lovely flowers to break out and bloom?

I hate to pass along inaccurate information, and "googled" the whole ant/peony question. I discovered that gardeners differ on whether or not the ants actually help the buds open.

But, many gardeners believe (including this one) that without teeny ant jaws chopping away at the tough bud covering, the peonies would not open, bloom, and thrive.

The harmony and ordered balance of nature is everywhere for us to observe, (photograph and then blog about!), appreciate, and learn from.

If takes more "zealot-like" faith to believe our beautiful world is an accident, and not a gift.




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