Shopping in Ithaca, NY: August Break #5

Blue Birds Antiques

Cool vintage mannequin

Cheap vintage bling jewelery

Lovely old stuff

yes that really is me taking a picture of myself in a changing room

(i am getting wierdier by the day)

(i blame the children)

why I love consignment stores

this one is called Trader's K…and I cleaned up

pink gilded old architect

(they just don't make it like this anymore)

(yes,that was kinda an old man comment)

(i blame the children)

An unexpected curved walkway leads to…

an unexpected plot of hydrangeas



A tucked away river garden, behind their huge public library.

And finally after going the WRONG way down a one way street,

(i seem to keep  endangering myself  in a distracted way)

(i blame the children)

I, a teensy bit frazzled, took the wrong turn leaving the commons and stumbled apon

the sugar shack!

Of course we got out to get some shaved ice.

I got peach flavored shaved ice.

It was delightful.


Ithaca…only 40 minutes North of us, and such a hip, earthy college town.

Its like a little slice of Vermont in our back yard.


Escaping for the whole day to shop, eat, antique, without children was to this lady a 7-hour-vacation.

Thanks "cuz" Mariah for going with me…patiently waiting for me in changing rooms for an eternity, and while  waiting whileI click away at random things like every 9 feet.

I am easily entertained.

(just blame my children).



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