Altered Thrift: Summer Break Pic #4


This crochet little lovely did not come from gramma's chest, but is a "limited two" skirt I got doing some back -to- school -thrifting.

I cannot imagine wearing it as a skirt seeing that it has large loopy see-through holes.  Clearly something else would have to be worn beneath…and who has time to wear something that requires wearing something else first?   Finding a coordinating top and bottom and appropriate bra and undies is more than enough work.  So I cut it up the seam and presto!… the perfect shape for a crotchet purse.  A little bit of sewing,  more  rooting around of my  remnant fabric and other thrift finds  for pockets and lining and I hope to have a purse soon.  Maybe.

More work, but so much more fun than finding a slip.

Which begs the question… do women even wear them anymore?…I have not in years.


One thought on “Altered Thrift: Summer Break Pic #4

  1. I cannot wait to see your purse! And I LOVE the mall cop story – made me laugh right out loud:) I had to have my hubby read it as well. Only ten more days and school starts here – I can’t wait.


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