Humor: a pic, a quote, a story

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"Humour is a form of modesty,a way of not describing things, of touching on them delicately, with a wink.  Humour is both mask and discretion, a shelter where one can hide."

~Robert Doisneau 1912-1994

French photographer/writer

I love this quote.  I think it sums up what the blogging/photography world is about.  To communicate at a distance and with discretion our lives. Humour keeps things in perspective when I tend to take things too seriously. The Bible says a "A merry heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bone" (Proverbs something).

And so here is my true humorous story.  I need to send this one out to Readers Digest.  I call it:

Good Vocabulary


    I recently took my four daughters to the mall.  When Mom had enough of clothing stores and glittered "tweener" accessories we headed upstairs to get some ice cream.  It did not take long for my naturally rascally and dare-devil girls to hatch up, in hushed giggly whispers, the hilarious plan to lob pieces of torn napkins over the restaurant's over-look wall.  Pegging a shuffling vacant-eyed shopper being the chief aim, or course.  We were sitting in the balcony section of the ice cream parlour; a half glass partition near our table.  Spying all of this, out of the corner out of my om ni- present, all-seeing Mom eye, I said deliberately and loudly,

"You girls better knock it off, the mall cop might see and get you.  He hates when kids throw things over the balcony."

My oldest froze, mid-lob, "naught ah Mom!"

"I promise, there really are mall cops."

    She looked at me, wild-eyed, disbelieving.



    She continued to stare. That tortured, puzzled, kid face; trying to decipher if Mom was "for real" or kidding around. I could tell by the squint in her eye she did not believe me.  I was also trying to figure out why my usually pretty sharp nine year old was so blown away by the idea of there being a mall cop?

    The throwing of paper came to a halt. We attempted to get un-sticky, paid the bill, and drove home.  Not more than five minutes into our drive my daughter erupted with a sudden:

"Ohh…I get it…Mall cop…cuz we were at the mall!"

"Yeah…?" I prompted, still not understanding where the confusion lay.  She grinned a toothy, sheepish grin.

"I thought you meant MAUL…like a cop was going to MAUL us for throwing paper at people".

After my laughter subsided, I could only shake my head and think:

Well, at least she has a good vocabulary.






3 thoughts on “Humor: a pic, a quote, a story

  1. That is a good vocabulary! Definitely should send that one in. Gotta love homophones…. yesterday we were listening to a VeggieTales CD and Jedrek started laughing. He asked, “Why are they called VeggieTALES? They don’t have TAILS!!”


  2. That is really funny, and so smart of your daughter to think of the more complicated word! It reminds me of the time that my sister (who is way to too old to make a mistake like the one I am about to share) was working as a checker at the grocery store. The store was promoting a donation to some organization. Her question to my Mom was, “So, I don’t understand why they are raising money for research of [whatever it was]. I mean, how much money does it take to go to the library and look something up?” In her defense, she realized what she had said just moments later.


  3. Mom I love this!!! Oh and I read the one about how Lydia asked Jesus into her heart and I thought it was so CUTE!!!! I cried tears of joy when I read the whole page and I loved it!! I hope that when Lydia gets older she under stands that she is going to under stand that she is going to be barred in a grave yard not a junk yard. I love you.
    Love your oldest daughter,
    Isabelle Leah Beecher


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