back in the saddle again

And just like the woman is this picture that I snarfed on google images…I find myself staring out into nothing instead of actually "in" the saddle. I just can't seem to pin down or get inspired with my next post, after my "screen free" sabbatical.

I will say that July was hot, with a surprisingly smooth transition into our "screen free month".


How we cheated:

* i still checked email

* i updated my goodreads book reading info

* i occasionally checked on manyslices stats to see if anyone was still popping in: they did! (go figure)

* on the hideous week that it was  100+ degrees all day, i let the kids sit in the only room downstairs to with A/C to watch some movies because it was too miserable to do anything else in the evening

* we broke "screen free" this friday a few days before the August 1st, as we got home from a 3 day camping trip and it was absolutely necessary  the kids be quiet while Mom and Dad spent hours re-couping, doing laundry, and cleaning

* i missed my blog

* i missed my fellow bloggers

* i did not miss TV

* i did not miss facebook

*i did miss TV for the two-year-old, come every late afternoon (hands down still the best babysitter under the sun)

*without my "blog-worthy" eye roving for shots i found myself hardly taking any pictures


though I did take a few "blog worthies" of my scorched garden last week(this queen anne's lace is one of the few blooming plants I can boast of)

and this shot…these blood red cherries…July's juiciest fruit

I can say that our month of "screen free" was a very GOOD thing for our family.

Our house was calmer(as calm as a house with 4 girls under the age of ten can get).

We did lots of artsy-fartsy things; together and individually.

I spent lots of evenings sitting in front of a fan or on our deck embroidering (i just can't stay away).

I loved it.

Simple stitches

Pretty little projects.

Do I have pictures?  I do not.

I did lots of reading (check out Leahs books at top left)

I discovered The Daring Book for Girls for my girls. A great resource book that seemed to be written with my family in mind. That book with its old-fashioned yet Tom-boyish incentives kept my girls happy and busy outside and in their bedroom.

It gave me some time to work on my writing. And in addition to my new look, I have been giving my blog content a lot of thought.  I agonize for everything, and I want to find my authentic voice and style in my blogging pursuits.  After spending an evening going over my old posts, I just had this nagging feeling that my posts are a little rambling.  It takes a long time to write these posts,(lets not even mention the amount of junk food consumed and TV zoned in front of while Mama is busy clicking away working on a blog post). However, writing them has re-connected me with my love for writing.  Most importantly, it gave me a reason to start writing, and I think, really grow as someone who likes to "tinker with words".

But alas, only so much time in the day.  I want to keep with blogging, which is in essence, an on-line journal, AND descriptive writing and photography.  So from hence forth my little "manyslices" posts are going to be a little more abridged, written in a 1st short-story format:

with lots of photos:

I am going to try to get back with  my "poetic Sunday" posts

and "A Quote for THee THursday"posts.

I just love the written word and that is the mode in which I want to communicate to my cult following of 4 readers!

I will still keep with the crafty/decorating/junking/foody updates, too.

I think I have too many hobbies.

My first short-story about this Summer should be around the corner.




3 thoughts on “back in the saddle again

  1. I can totally relate to your having “too many hobbies” comment. I find myself focusing on the kid related ones now and figure I’ll have time for the rest as an empty-nester 🙂


  2. You girls (Leah and Kim – previous comment) WILL have plenty of hobby time when your children are on their own. And that’ll happen MUCH sooner than you expect it will. And believe me, then you’ll miss the peanut butter on the floor, the sweaty little bodies, the hugs and kisses – all that. Leah, I for one have totally missed your posts! Your writing is just great, and I love seeing what you’ll come up with next. You have a talent for it! God will bless you through it, and bless others through it! And ……….. you’re still embroidering!!! You go girl!!! (Proud of you!) Simple IS the key!


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