a little break from “this”…so maybe this lady can do more of “this”…


This is actually finished, it turned out well (no pic and I don't know why) it's an embroidery patch that I stitch on my 2 year old's  salvaged dress that I made into an apron smock.  She butchered it with a pair of scissors.

and maybe this…


This was a girls A-line skirt I snatched from some bag of free clothes someone gave us(when people find out I have 4 girls, they feel compelled to give us garbage bags of girls clothes).My oldest had like 9 skirts already so I cut the zipper out and snipped up the back and viola!   The colors  and pattern are almost Scandinavian and make me feel like a Swiss bar maid when I wear it.


C'mon that little stitched-on pocket makes the apron, you can say it…complete with strung beads no less


and just maybe another one of these won't take me six months…















and send out

some more of these little
















I am so digging doing book swaps on goodreads.com  When I send out my book swap to some book lover in the continental U.S.  I decided to include a little home-made bookmark  and just a two-lined note.  And then wrap it up in an old brown paper bag. I am always in such a hurry, such a hurry, and for the most part I really don't have much of a choice.  But then I will stop and decide to do a task that should take like 2 minutes…like slap a label on a postage bag and slide a book in, for instance….and find myself instead, making it a pretty creative 30-minute process.  It is nothing special or riviting I am creating, just nice and not laundry or in the kitchen.  I think if I did not do that from time to time…I would really crack.


Speaking of summer reading I was

Tickled Pink

last week for figuring out how to get my

"goodreads" list onto my blog.

Go ahead

take a gander

at the top left

of the page

I am pretty sure

 if you click


it takes you

to goodreads;

a very cool website:

It's like

face books

for book nerds

without the

annoying links

everyone wants

you to waste

your time


I have  7 girls at my house right now…and a husband who really needs some help wrangling their yanking selves upstairs to watch a movie.

 So in closing I hope everyone has a safe, happy, July.

Don't play with fireworks.

But do, occasionally act like a kid, or act maybe like a teenager and go skinny dipping with your husband.

For me, on top of the above mentioned initiatives, I am trying to keep even-keeled.

Fellow Christians know what I mean when I say I have gone from "mountaintop"  to "valley" up and downs quite a bit lately.

I long for a simple  "summer plains" experience.

I don't ask or even really desire a lot.

I want just some calm.

I want, and maybe its just my literary/ media  fueled facade I have in my mind, a home that is not perfect, not fun, or wonderful, all the time by any means, but happy and peaceful, with creativity and old-fashioned fun.  I want to be "Marme" and my girls the March girls.  Or at least Ma Ingalls, or Olivia Walton.

If anyone of you could be that fly on the wall…our daily life is not exactly the picture that "manyslices" paints it to be.

I really try to be honest here too.

So we are shooting for:


Early mornings hitting the pavement with my running sneaks

Late morning working on that "being still in The Lord" discipline.

Evenings on a lit deck with hubby.

Not too much chaos or yelling in between, peppered with creativity and good reading.

Is that so much to ask?



2 thoughts on “a little break from “this”…so maybe this lady can do more of “this”…

  1. Not too much to ask… One day at a time, each day a new one. Breathe deeply, relax. You’re on the right path. And let me add that the quilts I’m seeing are BEAUTIFUL!!! Very nice!! You have been VERY creative! Enjoy the days! Each day. One day at a time.


  2. You’re not asking for too much at all! Just remember to smile, breathe, and go slowly:) You should pick up a copy of Somerset’s Apronology – and send in your apron! Very cool – and your quilt is just beautiful. Is it for one of your girls? Hope you are having a relaxing summer.


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