"Hey Honey, when is the last time you saw this on a box of something you bought?"

That is what I just asked my husband about an hour ago, with a grin, proudly showing him the old electric, (and we hope working) knife set I picked up this morning at an estate sale.

I was supposed to go jogging with my cousin this morning, but cancelled last minute because I am coming down with what my 2 year old has had these last two days.  Not to mention I have been getting up with her in the middle of the night too, and am pretty exhausted.  But never too sick and tired to escape to a half-off-day-estate-sale.

It has been ages since I went, and today's vintage and practical finds reminded me why it is exactly that I never go to the mall (GAP clearance sales don't count).


P6250061 It does not get

anymore Vintage

that this:





Straight from the 60s

My girls are forever

Draggin things outside

That should not be


I think this is an old bed-roll

And will be a perfect

Summer backyard accessory.

Oh year, I got it for 50 cents.

Few things are cuter than witnessing my 4-year-old- (she's the foot model pictured above) dragging out books, quilt, pillows, snacks, and a drink, complete with her music box  ("so I can listen to some music Mom") and chill in back in backyard, all by herself.


Onto the next cool old thing:

An old wooden beach lounger.

I picked her up at a rummage sale not far from the estate sale (ahhh  Summer Saturdays in the suburbs) I need to re-upholster the fabric, and by re-upholster I mean get some outside fabric, pull it tight over the old canvas and solicit hubby's help and power stapler to staple the daylights out of it onto the peeling wooden frame…yeah…probably won't get around to painting that this summer.

P6250064 P6250083 This chair just makes

me think of old beach

resort towns, and it

fits perfectly in our

hodge-podge back  deck  furniture.











And some vintage bling, bling…


P6250093 I love clip-on earrings, especially old clunky ones…you can get them so cheap. The things to the left of the old miniature stop watch are clip-on earrings with missing decorations…good thing I am related to the owner of, a bead and jewelry shop, with tons of cool stuff, new, old, and artsy.  Another great shop to line the brick sidewalks of Corning, NY- downtown Market Street.


And now for the Cream de la Cream vintage find, that takes the retro cake:

Did I mention I scored this bad boy for $1.50!

Did I mention that it is manual?

No plug!

And it works!

Did I mention my oldest has wanted a typewriter for some time now?

Did I mention I have wanted one too, and will be borrowing…

"screen free July" is coming up after all.


So here's to rummaging even when sick, sleep deprived ,and with only a twenty in your pocket.



2 thoughts on “lovely…old…stuff

  1. Oh, wow, wish I could find a good estate sale. Not that I wish anybody NEEDS to have an estate sale, but I mean I’d love to GO to an estate sale…. YOu know what I mean. ALL good stuff and so YOU!!!
    ps: I love those little four year old feet!!


  2. Your pics look great! And I have to admit I’m jealous of your finds:) I noticed you mentioned Corning New York? I have a very good friend who lives there (actually they are in Japan for the next year but will be back in Corning permanently next spring). Her hubby works for Corning and they are both from Cleveland – small world. I can’t wait to see the recovered beach lounger – that looks awesome.


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