summer: we’re ready


I cannot say or hear the word "Summer" without at least one of these images sliding into my mind's eye:

~a porch swing


~a book

Of course, anyone who spends more than 5 minutes with me, knows I am incapable of remaining in a warm and fuzzy state of mind for more than a few minutes, without breaking into a rash, or least getting a nervous tick, which is why my mind is then wisked away to the images of:

~out-of-control -children

~and a chaotic-trashed-house

Being a realist is so tiring.

But here is my Philippians 4: 8  discipline of "whatsoever things are lovely, think on these things" stab: 

why summer is to me a porch swing

Here is the throne of our summer room

I love my porch

It has a rotating display of simple pretty things.























  P6140059It has a section of fence on wheels that serves as our gate








                   P6140065 P6140061


I have climbing roses creeping up and peeping over the porch rails


Our porch is:

~my early morning chapel

~ an afternoon reading room

~post dinner escape bunker

~summer thunderstorm observation deck

~ late night romantic raundevu               (TMI?)


the queen of the summer flowers

my roses:



my two red rose bushes

grows only a single long stem rose

at a time

this is my first rose bush

first perennial

now that I think about it

that I ever bought

and planted

she is still going strong

I have not had too much luck with this rose bush

I transferred it to the girls' wildflower garden patch

It was doing well

But is now hooded with sprouting


and am too lazy to move the few Cosmos somewhere else

We'll see


And then there are books

Lots of books. (this book in the pic, The Book Thief, is one I just started and is technically a young adult, buts its stinking long, and has a pretty weighty subject matter; Nazi Germany, and the voice telling the story is Death.  I'll see how I like it, if I am not hooked by page 50 its out of here and onto the next).


I have already told, in no small amount of words, my brilliant strategy  for getting my girls to read this summer (see: "books for ice cream" post).

But The Annoying Mother plot thickens:

After many a Summer of trying to convince Hubby to go "screen free" for awhile, July 1st 2011 will officially start the "screen free" experience.

(ya know, now that I think about it, I  don't remember really talking it over and deciding to do it…I just kinda declared it, and have been Scary Bad Mood Mama and Wife lately, so I guess no one argued…hmmm)


No Computer

No Video Games

For the entire month of July

(we may have a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon clause in there, upon certain behavioural conditions, the contracts have yet to be officially drawn up…you know how slow lawyers are)

That includes Big Mamma too.

No blogging or facebook.

It flies in the face of logic doesn't it?

All of a sudden I have 4 children home all day, and I take away the one sure fire way to get them to shut up and calm down.

But, the whole screen addiction thing, is really true.

In especially my oldest, I have noticed, zoning out in front of some form of a screen, while bringing immediate quiet, and seemingly achieving my desperate need for peace, produces the exact opposite.

They become more moody.

We have increased behaviour issues.

And don't forget the truth that we aging  and thickening adults know, that when you watch TV, you wanna eat.

We really can't afford to spend anymore money on snacks.

When they watch TV or play their video games the cupboards get emptied: every time.

And they sure as heck don't want to read anything.

I have to eliminate the FIGHTING.

fighting to turn it off

fighting over how long "you have been on"

fighting over who's turn it is supposed to be


I am too tired to fight

I give into: "whatever, just go away"

So now, presumably, my family will have this huge vacuum of empty hours.

What will we do?

Well after the crying we will…

~walk to the library  2 times a week.  They have a great reading/craft program for school aged kid and pre-schoolers.

~ have stained fingers and full tummies from picking cherries, blueberries, raspberries, any any other berry we can find.

~turn the toy room into the "girls studio" (they already cleaned out the basement and transferred their toys down to the basement) to make room for lots of crafts

~work on a SpringandSummer scrapbook together


~ wear out our welcome at my sisters' pools and my mother and father's pond

~play wiffle ball with the neighborhood kids (remember doing that as a kid, no one does that anymore)

~visit Ithaca, Corning, and other cool little towns around the Finger Lakes

~ work on my writing

~continue on my new found love of altered clothes

~be lazy in the morning

~veg on the deck at night

~try to learn the ancient practice of being "Still in The Lord"

And hopefully, once August; hot, dry, and long, comes around I will have lots of good experiences to tell and show you.

Or you will never hear from me again, because I perished.

Hope you all have a great Summer.

I may sneak one more crafty post in(got something in the works) before July 1st, and then there will be some big changes to manyslices come August.




3 thoughts on “summer: we’re ready

  1. I will truly miss seeing this blog, but I think I know your blog plan and really look forward to it!! As much as possible, I wish you time to SAVOR moments this summer………. A month tech free? Hey, I survived a whole childhood that way!!! :>)


  2. Awesome! Though I, too, will miss you, I totally support you in this!!!
    You will have *real* family memories & precious time together. YAY!!
    And, paranthetically, if you’d like to understand more @ “why” the behavioral changes with screen time, add this book to your summer reading list” The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, MD
    A great, easy & fascinating read!! ❤


  3. Skye,
    I checked out that book on goodreads (love that website)The Brain That Changes Itself…it looks really interesting; and is on my “to-read” shelf. Thanks for the suggestion. And you saying you would “miss” my site was such a shot in the arm…sometimes I feel like a rambling, rather self-indulgent fool doing this blog thing…that only a few pressured family members read.


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