I recently read the book Mrs. Mike.  One of the characters in this novel said something to the effect of…"you learn to find joy in the little things, when life gives great heartache".

I thankfully don't have "great heartaches", more like a series of pinpricks…small in themselves when compared to the whole wide world of my reality, but pinpricks upon pinpricks, irritation after irritation right on that sore spot begin to swell and fester.  If you are not careful you could have a nasty case of gang-green on your hands, and something has to be amputated.

I had one of those weeks.

too much…too much…too much

little details revealed major problems

that big problem had to be amputated

happily I can report successful surgery…God's Spirit in His graciousness, showed up and cleaned me our right where I need it; when  I needed it

(I am started to get the uncomfortable feeling that"manyslices" is starting to morph into one of THOSE blogs…rambling despondency)

that was the ying

here is the yang:

little details from this past week that are not pinpricks of irritation, rather a series – a soft glow of nice, like a single candle set on a windowstill, beckoning you to come in.

P6100004 P6100007 have you ever picked herbs straight from your garden… smelled them…





chopped them…then served them up in a hot dish to your family?

You should.

Your food will taste amazing

You will feel cool and connected




true story:

I have had this cool sparkly snowflake on our porch since Christmas.

I left  it till February in my garden of course (who takes decorations down before Valentine's day anyway?)

It was rusty, bent.. One snowflake limb was broken and dangle-y.

Two days ago I threw it in the garbage.

"Why am I keeping this crappy thing, anyway?"

I immediately took it out.

I noticed, for the first time, that each snowflake point was wrapped by a string of white tiny tubed beads, each one like a tiny shimmery snowflake itself.

The gimpy limb broke off easily.  I stared it, mesmerized at the hundreds of beads strung on that one fractured piece. 

Makes you wonder, was this done by some precise, fancy piece of manufacturing equipment, or by the hands of some young girl or boy, not much older than my own children, in some God-forsaken factory, so some spoiled American can have another decoration at discount price?  Sorry, more rambling despondency.

So, I proceeded to snap off each of my snowflake limbs.

I lined them up on my porch table, and had a creative epiphany.

I saw in my mind's eye a sparkly garland of lace, cropped family pictures, backed with pretty scrapbook papers, with these little fractured snowflakes that reminded me of sparkly birthday candles at this point, in-between, with some sort of dangle-y ribbon in the mix.

I love mixed media photos.

I spent a small fortune on shutterfly this winter getting my nine-thousand photos selected, cropped, and shipped, and have only done something with a few.

Here is what I did Saturday nite and Sunday afternoon:

tools of the trade

(attention quilters: dont throw out your old cutting mats, they make great mats for messy projects for yourself or kids)

photos selected

cropped on torn pretty paper

edged  in gesso and then mod podge over whole thing

I stamped the "lucky me" phrase

the finished product draped over my dresser mirror in our bedroom

the obelisk in the center is some funky mirrored decoration that looks to be straight from the 70's that I got at an estate sale years ago.

When I brought it home I thought it was kinda ugly but could not throw it out.

I had eventually found proud purpose holding my tangled collection of necklaces.

I really love it now.


The lace that the photos are strung on are from a wedding dress veil remnant that my Aunt was kind enough to send me, along with other beautiful and drool-worthy remnants

(she is wedding dress seamstress, not a bitter divorcee', by the way)

It is held in middle in place by an old hat pin, cuz I did not feel like going downstairs to get a hammer and nail, but I like it better.


In closing, I say that life is hard, really not what anyone of us expected, but by keeping your eyes on the bigger picture of God's plan, and your heart taking in the little simple things that bring joy and pleasure, just may do the trick of keeping us out of the loony bin, prison, or worst of all:

just another fat mom shuffling down the aisles of Wal-mart, wondering where it all went wrong as we pick up some cheesy Harlequin novel and a bag of snickers, because escape is the only solution we can think of.



5 thoughts on “details

  1. Hahahahahaha I’ll never pick up Snickers in Walmart again…..
    Another really good blog, Leah. Keep focusing on all those blessings and all that beauty. It’s always there! Hugs! mom b.


  2. Love what you did with the photos! It looks fantastic:) And the mental image of strolling down the isle in Walmart with a bag of snickers gave me a good chuckle too:) I needed the laugh this week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Ha! I just went on a bit of a rant to some friends about aging and being compared to Hollywood’s idea of what I should look like and then read this – couldn’t help picturing myself in another version of my life as that woman in Walmart, complete with pink house dress and fuzzy slippers! Ahhh – is it bondage or freedom to be able to do that?? lol!
    I really love the garland – especially that you’ll get to enjoy it on your dresser mirror with all your family photos.
    Great post on shifting your focus to the blessings of life!


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