the great shoe shuffle

Well its that time again.

Just about every morning the usual explosion of:

"where are your shoes!?"

"what do you mean nothing fits?!"

"Its your own dumb fault for leaving them outside!"

"Just where your sisters!"

"Whatever, just get in the van we're late!"



Instead of sitting on the porch swing drinking coffee after I dropped off my two children who may or may not of had wet, mis-sized shoes on, I did the dreaded: go in the attic bring down the smelly shoe tote and organize the disgusting pile of dirty shoes that litter our entire back entry way.

What I discovered:

My 9-year-old has jumped several shoe sizes

Ditto with my 4-year-old

My 7-year old really does not have any sneaks that fit (and none in the magic shoe tote either)

I DONT need to put the 2-year-olds shoes back in the tote.


It was weird…with 4 close-aged girls shoes always get recycled, (after the obligatory pondering of "hmmm…how shabby is too shabby?" )

Many of these shoes went through all the girls.

These leather Pooh Bear ones I believe got passed down from my 12 year old niece



My little one is not only the youngest of her sisters but the youngest of all the cousins too.  All my friends with little ones either have boys or two girls real close, so I am sure they have tons of girl stuff already.

So off they went to the clothes/shoes drop off; just down our street so convenient.


It is also that time to implement the: keep-the-flip-flops-in-the-van-plan. 

And of course it would not be a shoe shuffle day if there was not at least one missing shoe:

(have you or a loved one seen this shoe?  please call "mom" )

Here's to being permanently barefoot.



2 thoughts on “the great shoe shuffle

  1. Do I really need to comment? You KNOW how I feel about shoes!!! If God had meant for us to wear shoes, he would have …. However, I guess that theory could apply to clothing which doesn’t, umm, logically computer. BTW, I checked – haven’t seen one pink sandal. Guarantee: If you throw this one away, you’ll be SURE to find the other.


  2. Hahaha! Your post made me laugh out loud:) I can definately relate (although I only have half the girls you do). My back hallway is also filled with shoes, most of which, do not fit. I am glad that summer is almost here because the girls will basically where flip flops all summer. Here’s a virtual toast to pink miss matched shoes!


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