eggplant anyone?


Our church has a great outreach of having a local food bank right at our church.  Any food left over they always make available for the church family on Sunday morning.  I don't usually make use of this, to be honest.  (I may dumpster dive for antiques and junque, but I have my limits).  I just feel funny pawing through couple day old bread, and boxes of cereal.  But I just could not pass up a box of fresh veggies(ok some was getting kinda RIPE, but you know).  And lots of times the produce gets passed up. 

I plucked a pairs of eggplants.

I have never used or cooked with them before.

I ordered eggplant parm once.  I think I liked it.

We love Italian food in our house.

I went on-line and found a recipe for eggplant parmigiana , that baked, not pan fried the eggplants, that had you make your own marinara sauce, which was easy and delicious.

I made it last night, before my free wilting produce went completely bad.

My kids, like most children, are pull-your-hair-out-annoying when it comes to eating anything new.  The word "eggplant" I am sure would have them making the face, you know the face that makes you wanna smack it when you put something new, and delicious on their dinner plate that you spent the last two hours preparing, while a. trying to get the two year out of your kitchen, b. help your 3rd grader with multiplication, and c. load the dishwasher cuz you just let the dishes pile up all day again, being too unmotivated to empty the last dozen dishes in the morning, that the kids "missed".

Hubby was helping…he loves to help in the kitchen… God bless him.

We sliced up the eggplant that is a lot like a zucchini I discovered (who knew?).  We looked at each other and had the same thought:

"How are we gonna lie/trick the girls into eating this"?

Purple potatoes?  {that being one of the few veggies they will eat these days}

No…that sounds gross with marinara sauce.

We decided on the fanciful hybrid of cucumber-meat!

It kinda worked. And that is kinda what it tastes like.

Here is the finished product (food pics are not my strong point).

Here is the recipe link that I got from another blog: (inserting link: also not my strong point…if this one is a dud you can google "foodblogga egg parmigiana" and get this quickly)

easy bake eggplant


In between cheese layers I spread a few fat dollops of ricotta cheese because we smother all Italian dishes with ricotta (try in on garlic pizza it will change your world). It made it divinely gooey

I followed the homemade marinara directions, and found the San Marzano canned tomatoes in the speciality Italian section of Wegmans (love Wegmans)

I added a couple spoon fulls of sugar and poured on some red wine, to give it just a little more flavor.  It comes out runny, (its not supposed to be like tomato sauce you put on top of spaghetti) which freaked me out at first.  But when you bake it all together it is really good.

Here's to free produce and Italian food!



2 thoughts on “eggplant anyone?

  1. Well it certainly looks great!!! I love eggplant parm!! I must tell you also that after you posted about the red and yellow peppers, I tried them, loved them!! So much so that I just bought some red sweet pepper plants so I’ll have bushels (theoretically) all summer. Cheers to you!!


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