looking out my window

I am putting aside my poetic sunday posts for the time being.

This time of year, the scenery around my home is always changing, and watching it unfold has been so renewing and uplifting to me (in case you missed the last 2 posts~ I am really into flowers~)

Spring happens all at once here in upstate New York.

This year, more than ever before, I feel like I am noticing so much.

Maybe it because this is my first Spring since having a blog,  and fallen head over heels in love with photography. 

Maybe because this April was horrible; and as such, our Spring experience was delayed about one month.

Like the old saying goes:

"absence makes the heart grow fonder"

Come the opening of this  May I felt like the pining lover;  just waiting and waiting for my heart's desire, after the lonesome separation of Winter.

And then all at once, I was swept up.

My love, my favorite Season had returned.

I appreciate each bud, bough, and bird like you appreciate your husbands hands, smile, and smell after an extended absence.

Here is the first of my new posts simply called:

Looking out my window

It  came as a type of photography  challenge.

I actually tried to get some of the window in my shot, or the grills, screen, or structures that normally are not very "blog worthy" or "pretty", along with the image that I am focusing on.

I hope you enjoy




These shots were taken out my sewing/studio room window.

This flowering tree( unsure of its name) had one graceful bough extending just inches from the window pane. 

Most of the curtains in my home have some kind of tieback and really like this one.

i  love sunlight

we have really close neighbors

pretty tiebacks that can be easily untied each evening are the solution (i dont do blinds)









These 3 shots were taken, leaning out our master bedroom window.

The entire span of our backyard can be seen from this window.

The first shot captures the side yard or our property

Our bedroom is part of the addition we put on 4 years ago, and is really high up, giving an almost bird's eye view of these flowering bushes and trees.  The white cord is our laundry line.  I love having it!  Our washer/drying are in the master bathroom.  I love putting sheets and towels out there and  being a few feet from the washing machine is so convenient ( yes, that was a boring housewife comment).

A view of the backward also means I can spy on the girls from our bedroom.

I love the little slice of daughter peeking out from the tree and hammock as she sits in the sandbox.


The last picture has captured the trees from the next lot over.

It was not until I zoomed in that I caught the flutter of red, white, and blue.

The roof slope is our garage.  The powdery yellow tree dropping are everywhere this week.

Hope you enjoyed.

I really wanted toady's post to be more pictures; less words.

but i just cant help myself



2 thoughts on “looking out my window

  1. Your photos are wonderful! So excited over your new camera:) Your garden looks beautiful – ours is still very soggy and wet. The lilacs are blooming though – they are my favorite. I hope the weather stays sunny and warm for you. It is unfortunately rainy and 46 here in north east Ohio this week. I’m soooo ready for summer.


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