I had the un-expectant pleasure of being the recipient of one of those random acts of kindness.  A nearby neighbor, who regularly walks by our house, noticed how my gardens and decorating, my "cottage look" was much like her own gardens.  She was down-sizing her own flower beds and getting rid of some of her long collected garden decor. She told me to come up and take any perennials I wanted.  I also made out with an entire Toyota Sienna seven passenger van full of very cool, funky, and very junque rusitique garden pieces!


P5120040 In case you

are asking



"so what does

junque rustique

look like,

many slices"?


This statute

with its




is a perfect


now you know





I was so thankful and shocked that she would think of me (till then we did not even know each others names)

That evening, while busily putting my divided plants in the ground, and happily arranging my junque rustique  till each acquired piece looked just right its new home,the thought came to me that:

gardeners are generous people

Looking around with a satisfying glance at my budding flowers and sprouting greenery I realized that much of these were given to me.


What makes gardeners so generous?

Is it our enjoyment of those things that can't be bought?

the smell of dark newly moistened earth


spying a robin tripping though our garden path in the early morning

(ok the bird in this shot was not even a robin and it didn't come out, but the blue chimes are pretty and reminded me of the color of robin's eggs)

an un-expectant bloom in an un-expectant place


gathering jars and jars of flowers, knowing they will only last a few days; making us adore those flowers that much more


 dandelion hair accessories


even that dull ache, that weary fatigue , on a dirt dusted body, is richly satisfying.

fruits or our labor, by the sweat of our brow, resonates with Biblical truth and simplicity.

Whether you plant a flat of marigold  in a few clay pots,

or have the garden lay-out to rival Buckingham Palace.

Zinnias to Zucchinis

Gardening produces an appreciation for a miraculous process that WE can only guide and observe, and then finally enjoy.

That, in my opinion, makes one humble and generous.

Anyway:   here's to free stuff!












One thought on “generous

  1. And here’s to you for making me smile! What a beautiful post (another one!). And your photos — beautiful! You are blessed in so many ways! And I’m sure it was a blessing to your new friend to have someone else appreciate her much loved junque rustique! Cheers to you to!


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