I can’t stop talking in a British accent


Imagine my surprise this morning when I ushered my grumpy 2-year-old into the den to turn on PBS, like I do every morning, so I can actually get the breakfast-making-lunch- packing-assembly-line going in peace, to then see not educational cartoons fill the television screen, but some stuffy British dude with a huge boutonniere talking into a crowd waving Union Jacks!

Then it hit me!

William and Kate's Royal Wedding!

I have always had a thing for the British.

Being the fact that I am woman, it goes without saying I am a sucker for weddings.

I called my girls in to see "A REAL PRINCESS AND PRINCE GETTING MARRIED" ! 

We all pathetically sat down, wistfully gazing at the live BBC coverage, commenting on how handsome He looked and how pretty She looks.

I gave my girls a short lesson on the British monarchy, and the difference between absolute power, and democracy, and royal figures. 

But mainly we just talked about her dress and hair.

I broke the rule and let them cram their toast and bananas into their little mouths infront of the TV.

My second grader is gonna bomb her spelling test, (we have gotten into the procrastinating habit of studying for the weekly Friday spelling test, on Friday morning). We didn't study.

We did, against all odds, make it out the door and to school BEFORE the second late bell rang (that is on time for us).

I had a moment hesitation though.

I actually told my girls I wanted to go in late on purpose, so I could have the distinct and singular experience of writing down in the school's office tardy pad: 

Reason Child Is Late:watching royal wedding______________________

My oldest, the rule-follower and nervous one yelled, "Please Mommy NO!"

So I didn't, but I really should of.

But 45 minutes of BBC does it to me every time:  I keep talking in what I consider to be a-good-but-is-probably-pretty-lame-British-accent.

Amusing only myself, as usual.

I love saying "Bloody" (yeah I know its the UK equivalent to the F-bomb, but my kids don't know that, and we are in America)

not to mention "Cheeky"  "Ole Chap"  "Lovey"  and "Jolly Good"!

To make matters worse I am reading another Kate Mortan book, The Distant Hours, she is Australian, but that is pretty close, and this book, like her others, is placed in England.

I think I feel a Pride and Prejudice viewing coming on tonight!

Here is an excerpt that I found on-line from the sermon given during the Royal wedding this morning:

"Marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God meant each one to be, their deepest and truest selves".

I thought this was beautifully and simply well put.

Here's to romance, tradition, and Happily Ever After!


6 thoughts on “I can’t stop talking in a British accent

  1. My girls were sleeping to good so I didn’t wake them up right away but I did catch a bit of the ceremony. I also liked that the Bishop said that “every wedding is a Royal wedding as God is our King and we are all his subjects”. He gave a really wonderful serman. Also – I got your email I just haven’t had a chance this weekend to respond yet:) I will do that next – have a wonderful Sunday.


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