Le Jardin


The weather has been horrible here in Upstate New York.




The only bright spot has been my front gardens that I put in last summer.  This is my first Spring of enjoying poking around and discovering what is coming up in my little patch.

It borders our front sidewalk,that has lots of walkers, and therefore, a perfect palette to share my botanical art with passer-byers.

 My seasonal muse (and for those of you paying attenion, my seasonal blog header).



.I found these two rocks that makes up this little pink house while walking in a dried up creek bed last summer.  The two flat stones were laying next together just like two little segments of a house.  I, of course, had to take it home and spray paint it pink!

My front garden "daffies" are only just poking up…something perhaps to do with the fact they were covered with frozen snow drifts taller than goliath till late March?

So, I took my  oh-so-pretty-daffies from the gardens near my house (warmer there) and put them in containers to perk up my front garden.

While clicking away at my gardens my two daughters non-chalantly came strolling by holding a bouquet with a single flower set jauntily behind their ear…think they wanted their picture taken?

Here's to flowers and sunshine, cuz last time I checked: Flowers Need THE SUN!



One thought on “Le Jardin

  1. Oh Spring…will it ever come? It has been cold, rainy, and dark here in Ohio too. The girls are on spring break this week – poor things, they just want the sun to come out! Your daffadills are very pretty, I can see why your little ones wanted to pick them. Have a wonderful Easter:)


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