To quote my 9-year-old: “Jesus is the Way”



I recently had one of those rare days, of having one-on-one time with one of my daughters.  The lucky offspring? My oldest, 9-going-on 20-year-old.  She wanted to "sew something".  I was in a funk, not real enthusiastic, but my better side won out, and I said, "Sure".

Her project was a pillow, (they love pillows, and why not they are comfy, easy, and fun to throw).

But my sweet girl wanted to stitch not just a pillow, but a pillow with a purpose.  She wanted to put on "Jesus is the way" on her pillow.

I showed her how to do a simple embroidery back stitch to for the letters, and the girl was off.

We had a eerily calm afternoon, of no shouting, video games, TV, babies crying, siblings attacking each other, or messes to clean.  I did not even flip over a load of laundry, or jump up to get the phone.

My big girl amazes me.  She has an incredible gift of creativity, and a knack for learning techniques and mastering them quickly.  She also has what I consider an "evangelical" gift.  This means that she shares that Jesus is important to her, and should be to you too, to lots of people.

I don't do that.

But, this thing called a blog gives me an opportunity to reach and speak out to people whom I will never meet, who for one reason or another stumble upon this blog.

Jesus is the way.

Let me tell you why:

He is the only one Who saves.

I have been doing yoga for awhile now.  Most people know that yoga and the Buddhism religion are very much akin.

There is a lot about Buddhism that is good.

There is a lot about many religions that have redeeming and positive aspects to their beliefs.  Things like simplicity, the importance of family, an "others" mentality, good works, etc, etc.

But only a Saviour can save.

We all have something in us.  A yearning for more than this world, the tangible, can offer.  We have this ugliness inside of us too.  We all have hurts, some horrible abuses, and secret shame. 

Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God.

Perfect, and sinless.

He came to this world, in the form of a man, yet being fully God.

He bore our sin, the ugly stuff, deep in all of us from Hitler to Mother Theresa, to change us from the inside out.

To many, this is archaic, out-dated, and superstitious.

But, if all of us are honest, we have a need for something – for something real, beyond what we can see and touch.  We all need redemption.  Only The Son of God can give it. 

The Book of John in the Bible gives the most beautiful and eye opening account of what Jesus Christ did – and why -than any other book in The Bible in my opinion.

It takes faith.

It takes an open mind.

It takes honest examination of: Is there not something more?

God is not concerned about what lever we pulled on election day.

He does not care when the last time you went to church, and if you put a fat check in the offering plate.

He is not asking you stop watching "Family Guy" and start watching  "Highway to Heaven"

He wants your heart.

Because as my eldest summed it up best:


Jesus is the Way.



5 thoughts on “To quote my 9-year-old: “Jesus is the Way”

  1. Awesome! Your Faith and your daughter’s creativity:) As for your digital camera breaking – did you take it to your local camera shop yet? Alot of times what needs to be fixed is minor and inexpensive. Also – my first digital camera I bought on and it was “refurbished”, paid less than half of what it was really worth. And yes – I LOVE Artful Blogging! Flipping through the magazine at a Borders was what gave me the blogging bug:)


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