the comfort of hand-made quilts


I recently posted  about my youngest daughter making the oh-so- important- transition into a "big girl bed"  Her crib is gone, and so I thought I would share her new cozy little "Ni-nite" (her word for where she sleeps).

While happily clicking away I thought I would go ahead and take a picture or 9, of my other three girls' beds.  They each have their baby quilt (made my myself) and their big girl quilt (made by gramma b) spread out on there bed; lovingly, snugly, and warmly waiting to lull them off to their own little Land of Nod, each night.

I started this whole crazy, wonderful sewing thing, by tentatively and pain-stakingly piecing together baby quilts for my 4 girls.

I have never used a pattern.  Without realizing it at the time, my creativity is very much wrapped up in design and form.  What gets my internal creative muse humming is taking random pieces of "pretty" whether they be fabric, paper, ribbon, or grubby cast- off old items, and arranging them to look and feel right to me.

Here are my and my dear mother-in-law's (we call her "the quilt master") quilted creations.  I hope my poor stitching last through the years.

My eldest:




I spent so, so long of this baby quilt I remember.  I swore I would never make another#&*$ quilt again because it took so long, and was so tedious, but when I saw that finished product I was, as they say "hooked".

I love the little puffy pillows that the large quilt is made up of.  It is the warmest quilt I have ever been under.  Each little puff is stuffed with soft batting.  Perfect for our long, cold winters.

Here is my next girls' born 22 months later.


Her quilts are lying on the floor, not because we make her sleep I on the floor, I swear.  My two big girls are best of friends and insist on sleeping in the same bed every night.  When my little one lost her crib and went to the toddler bed, then every one just moved one up, just like with clothes and shoes.  So now her room is the cool hang out room.  They look to sit on the quilts and talk and look at themselves in the mirror, while practicing faces and doing hair, or trying on strange outfits.  Female vanity starts early.


Here is baby girls' beds.  This first one is my girly-girl number 3:

She was the first one that I knew I was having a girl with.  So I got to work on her quilt while pregnant.  I remember packing up my hospital bag when I was going to the hospital and putting that quilt on top, hoping that my horrible pregnancy would soon be over, and I could wrap her up in it. 

That was over four years ago now.


And her is my last baby girl.

Hubby made the little rail and I painted this little wooden toddler bed white.  Again we found what we were having when I was pregnant (another girl!)  I love the combination of black and pink and green in her baby quilt.  Not typical baby quilt colors, but my Caroline turned out to not be a very typical girl.

( two years after the fact I realized I never finished writing her quilt tag! That is a pretty typical occurance in my life).

at least gramma remembered!


And finally here is my first and probably last KING  sized quilt that I made for our own bed.

I even quilted it myself (somehow) with my little standard sized Kenmore.

My first and last applique work.  Man, did those tulips and leaves take forever.  I still remember starching and pressing each blasted piece while I watched Pride and Prejudice , (the Kierra Knightly) version, by myself late one night.


That's it!

Ahh, just seeing all this soft comforting patch work makes me want to go to the quilt store, buy a big stash of fabirc and start another.




2 thoughts on “the comfort of hand-made quilts

  1. Oh Leah, this is such an amazing post !!! Made me smile and just know that those little girls are wrapped in motherly love! What wonderful love(ly) memories for them. And the quilts you have made are the BEST! You totally under rate yourself!!!


  2. I am so glad you made the time to be creative and make such a gift of love for each of your beautiful daughters! That is a priceless treasure they will always have. I wish I had been more sentimental when my kids were growing up and made them keepsakes. Sigh… maybe with my grandkids…


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