Psalm 89:15

Blessed is the people

Who hear the Joyful sound

They shall walk,

O Lord,

In the Light of Your countenance

(no, we are not at the beach on spring break right now, this was taken at OBX, NC 2 years ago)


As happens every year, the warmer weather, the blessed sun, and uncontrolable desire to "get out of my house" has tossed my usual daily schedule to the spring wind.

less time on the computer

more time spring cleaning

talking walks with the kiddos,

less blogging.

All of this is not a bad thing.

to everything there is a season…

 I have not been doing my usual Sunday poetry reading, but taking my girls out every Sunday afternoon, one at a time, for some one-on-one mommy time.  Shopping and cafe desserts included.  

 But, I opened up to see my last "Mommy Journal" entry and came across this verse that I recorded. I read it and thought: this is a good Poetic Sunday posting.

The Psalms are the best source for poetry for me.

Its been a couple weeks or real highs and lows for me.

My old demons of depression and feelings of being over-whelmed have pelting me down.  Physical sickness, and a cold, cold March that would not end, did on a toll on this lady.

But, I have also had a great week of accomplishments, and real spiritual refreshment from other ladies in my life, my husband, good books, and my church.

My little one, and last one, is officially potty-trained!  She has done so about 8 months earlier on average from when my other 3 girls did; (bout time I caught a break). She is now in a "big girl bed". 

Diapers are out of here. I wonder, how long will it take me to get out of the habit of NOT going down the diaper aisle at the grocery store?

Our old crib was used continually with exception of one year between my 2nd and 3rd girl, for 9 years!  It is no longer at part of our home. A real passing of an era.

(please excuse the poor quality of the picture, could not find my digi cam, but hubby's blackberry was good for a pinch)

I just put the whole crib, mattress, sheets, and dust ruffle for free on our curb.  We live on a busy road.  I just get rid of stuff. It feel so good.  I don't ever mess with the annoyance and work of rummage sales, and don't do craig's list.  I just put up that FREE  sign and say a quick prayer that the right person who needs it will come along, and snag it up.

 Another smile that was put on my face this past week came via my 4 1/2 year who has learned to read!  So proud of her, for her accomplishment, and proud of myself for teaching her.

The Biscuit first reader books are great, sweet books to give your little emerging readers confidence, and enjoyability.  The best, most expensive camera in the world could not adequately capture her look of such pride, and "oh yeah, I'm a big girl now" on her young face.

My emotions, my experiences, are always up and down.

But "His Joyful sound" of truth are a constant. 

"The light of His countenance" shines on; even when I don't see it.

I feel good and at peace with my slice of life right now.

The "joyful sound" is: I am blessed, and in the palm of Christ, no matter how I may feel, no matter what may come.




4 thoughts on “Psalm 89:15

  1. Your posts are always so inspiring to read! They always manage to give me the boost I need:) Thanks for always sharing how you really feel. Wow- nine years for a crib, I bet that was a bittersweet moment. My girls used my crib (my mother had actually saved it!), it is now at my sister’s house where my niece uses it. I hope you continue to have good weather and a Blessed week.


  2. This template is part of the design offered through my typepad blog subcription. I pay $8/month for my subscription. I am not computer savvy at all, but after some trial and error, and a couple bad words, I figured it out. Hope that helps and thanks for the comments.


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