What I have been creating…

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Another Altered Sign

I wish I took a before shot of the alphabet sign that my sister gave me.  It was cute but in those burgundy and cream colors that I used to love but now does not go with my house decor. 

Being creative is not only good for the soul, but good for the wallet…instead of heading out to target to update my new style in decorating…I get out my paint and chip board letters

The "next time wont you sing with me" sign was made from some painted scrap trim.  The jaunty little flowers on top are made out old wooden spools and cut out papers, wound with beading wire, tied with vintage lace ribbon.

I have pretty much given up on embroidery, and have in place of thread and needle have armed myself with gesso &acrylic paint, and paintbrushes. 

Altered family photos with lots of pretties are my "hand work" these days, and I am much happier with it…(much less swearing).

my first altered photograph made last year, just fabric and stickers

This vintage fabric-covered frame my good friend sent me for my birthday.  I love this quote.  A little bit of stamping ink, glitter, and covered it with mod podge

This photo frame is nothing more than a folded piece of heavy cardboard, with vintage fabric hot glued over.  Gesso, and paint accented around the edges of photo.  Beads on the bottom.  More vintage ribbon on top, with just a little embroidery thread weaved through.  Another great quote, stamped, glittered, mod podged to give it age and character.

Vintage pom-pom trim, beads, pretty paper, and another quote set off this favorite picture.  I dabbed green stamping ink on the edge of frame to give it a little bit of a tarnished garden-y look.

What I have been reading…

Kitchen house

I just finished this one.

It was a great book to lose ones self in, when I was in a real funk and just wanted to tune out the world, and my thoughts the most.  It's a historical fiction set in Ireland and starts just prior to WWI. It also gives the back round of the beginnings of the IRA, not a subject I knew much about.  Very interesting.  This book does not fall into the usual romance and historical cliches.  It had a lot of surprising twists, beautiful writing and a satisfying ending.

What I have been wathcing

Watching this show again after many, many years was much like when I sat down to watch the Christmas Story (Ralphie) after having kids.

It is so much more funny!!

I completely relate to the chaotic house, stressed parents, and how the parents use sarcastic humor, usually towards their children to deal with the unbelievable annoyance of kids.  Bill Cosby has so much heart, good old family values, and pitch perfect humor. 

I actually felt a kinship with the Hukstable family. I have shared many times that we have a loud, but loving family.  We love joking around, usually at the expense of others, even (gasp) at our children, along with cooking up good food, and good conversation.

I turned to Tim, after watching a few episodes, and said "we are kida like a white, rural, mid-class Cosby show"

There could be worst things.




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