My fling with facebook

    I think I may have mentioned that I recently gave into immense peer pressure from friends and family alike to join the facebook cult.

Confession:  I check several times a day, every day.

I do enjoy it, in that it gives the opportunity to keep in contact with family and friends.  It's enjoyable to witness and be part of the little snippets of their life.  Isn't that what life is made up of?

Confession: I have been exhausting my precious "free" time of keeping up with facebook, leaving little time for "Manyslices" I hope she forgives me.

But I think the newness of my internet fling is waning.

I still check on in, but am ready to return to my first love: Blogging.

I have been especially negligent to my fellow blog-ster friends.

We miraculously have a free and relaxing Saturday stretched before us. 

No one is sick.

No huge project that have to be done.

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL these last two days, which means this lady is outside, not on my mac or pc.  But, it's back to overcast and blustering today…but no snow, so I won't complain.


Here is what I have been up to:



Another sign make-over.

I made this "Make A Joyful Sound" sign a couple years ago and it hung in our den for years.

I wanted something new to hang over our piano in our formal living room and re-did my sign.  I have been trying my hand at beading and wire-wrapping to use in my hand-made house decorations.  Most people bead to make their own jewelry, but I am not a big enough lover of jewelery; prefer to buy mine at vintage shops and thrift stores.  You can find cool, clunky, pieces for a few bucks. I have been noticing that my creations have been steadily going towards a what I call an "Artistic Cottage" look.  Lots of white "shabby" paint.  With layers and layers of mixed media elements.

I have been doing a lot of pretty torn papers, smudged with ink, or streaked with gesso, then sealed with mod podge.  My love of buttons, ribbons, and fabric, and mis-matched chipboard is of course a constant. 




A great birthday present I received from one of my sisters last month was a pretty little wall calendar, that had blank pretty patterned paper at the top of each month; leaving a wonderful petite little canvas for me to adorn each month.  When the year comes to a close I will have 12 jazzed up pictures to make beautiful 2011 collage with.  She bought it at Micheals, and it is a fabulous, 30 mintute project to do each month.

This one was March's picture.

I used gesso, acrylic paint and assorted baubles of pretty.

I thought "snow falls" and "spring bulbs" was a good description of March in upstate New York.  The "snow" pic is my 2 big girls shoveling our driveway, in a desperate attempt to make some cash.  And the daffodill is a picture from last year.  I cut out the images and applied gesso and then the paint to accent.  I have never done any painting ( I can't draw or stetch to save my life).  But in my Artistic Mother book there were so many wonderful projects that involved artistically alterering photos that really struck a cord with me.  This is my first attempt.  Not too bad for someone who always gets picked last in pictionary.

I have been keeping up with my endevour to write hand-written letters and cards.  This little stamped ribbon I wrapped around a simple thank-note to my husbands Aunt.  She was good enought to think of me, and send a cereal-box-sized package of designer wedding dress remnants and lace.  The pieces are gorgeous and delicate and marvelous.  It has even inspired me to start a line of home-made projects called "June Brides" or "Blushing Brides" to put on etsy.  I have had the long-term goal to have a sesonal etsy shop from September to December of fall and Christmas home accesorries and decorations.


Here is my gilded stash:

If you are reading this: Thanks Diane you're a peach!

DSC04056 DSC04057 DSC04060 DSC04064 this is my Easter window seat. I got this little tree for a Christmas deco. last year, and it has become my seasonal tree.  Those are dried daffodils and springy little glitter easter egg I bought at Eckereds Drug store believe it not.  On the left is an vintage edition of Robert Lewis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses book, illustrated by my favorite illustrator Gyo Fujikawa (she also published many books in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, that are mine and my girls' favorites.  Barnes and Noble has re-published some of her famous works, which is how I stumbled upon her books.  Busy Day, is our all time favorite.  Look it up of Amazon or B&N if you have children under the age of 6 or 7, I guarantee it will become a favorite).


And finally, there is the matter of my quest to become an bonefide embroiderer.  I don't think this lady ever shall be.

Here are my theories of why not:

1) I am not good at it: I was talking to a friend and she was lamenting that, unlike her mother, she could not get into knitting. When I asked why not she said simply " I am a lefty"  A light-bulb went off.   I am a lefty too.  It is just not natural.  After alot of practice I have found the best way is to start left and finish right, as you can imagine that is a little akward.  No natural flow.  No serene moments of graceful threading as needle and thread and fabric slowly give birth to simple fiber art.

2)  I am not a sitter:  I dawned on me that when I create, I am usually standing.  I take a little of this, examine some fabric here, mess around with buttons and lace here.  Step back, compare and contrast till it looks right and then dive in.  There is none of that in embroidery.  Just in and out, in and out.  I thought this art form might be good to "quiet my spirit". A good thing to do in front of the TV at night. But again the left to right hand conundrum works against the peaceful flow I envisioned.

I started a project.

I will finish cuz that is the kind of girl I am.

I am calling it "My Ugly Baby".  That is what it reminds me of.  You know those dear souls who, God bless, just have an ugly little brute of a baby.  Every one just nods with those tight plastic smiles and goes "Oh so cute" but they don't mean it of course.  Well that's my embroidery piece.  It is not that beautiful of a specimen, not by any means one of my proudest achievements.  But just like a baby, loved by the one who gave it life, none the less.

I will have pics(maybe).

I have come to the conclusion I am an admirer of embroidered art, but not a creator of it.  Some blogger girls out there have some covetous talent, and I think I may purchase some of their stuff on etsy instead.

Cassie, if you are reading this:, I tried!

I have a couple other projects, but sadly no pics.

Just as well, this is one long-ass post!




One thought on “My fling with facebook

  1. Well, I love the altered photos. I recognized the girls’ even after the alterations, which are very cool! Wanted you to be sure and know that Aunt Diane was very pleased with the handmade thank you note. She just loved it! And about your embroidery — you know my theory: Do what you love. Do what you enjoy doing. Do what pleases you. God didn’t make us all like cookie cutters (thank goodness!!) which is what makes the world an interesting (to say the last!) place. Focus on the wonderful things that you do enjoy, and you amaze me with the talents you are bursting with!
    Cheers to you too! Enjoy TODAY!


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