when in vermont…


You must wear a wool hat everywhere, even while sipping a tom collins at a Karaoke bar…

Even while thrifting and picking up a hikers backpack for 4 bucks

have I ever mentioned my husband loves attention?

This is him singing Bare Naked Ladies's song: "old apartment" a favorite.

I did karaoke exactly once last summer…I butchered it so badly Tim had to come up and rescue me…the only thing he said afterwards were:

"well honey good thing your pretty"

When in Vermont you also must…

DSC03921            admire all

the beautiful





stone work





DSC03923                     gothic windows

stained glass


creeping vines

flag stone







DSC03920 It saddens me however, when I realize that most of these grand churches are now historical sites, to be photographed, lovingly looked upon, and appreciated for their architectural beauty and design. 

But  not for worship, and community, and spiritual re-filling as was their original intent all those years ago by the devoted souls who built them.

But I digress…






DSC03946 Here is another magnificent old

church, that my $100 camera does

not really do justice












This old church was covered almost entirely with these twisty old vines.

Amazing, and old and lovely.













I did see this banner on one of the churches; good to see some of the churches still being the hands of Christ to those in need.


Here is our lovely B&B forty putney road.

There was a cancellation and the owner's let us upgrade to the bigger and nicer room with a gas fireplace at NO CHARGE…pretty nice huh?

The breakfast was wonderful.

They have a hot tub house behind the B&B for guest.

A pub on premise for guest…we took our wine glasses in kids plastic cups to the hot tub the first nite because his wife re-arranged and could not find the plastic bar ware…he kept apologizing but I told him it felt like home (minus the yelling of course)

While in Vermont you must also…

shop antiques…

(this one, called "twice upon a time" had 2 stories, with lots of good cheap finds, and friendly owners)

 you must also spend hours browsing books.

I distinctively remember this used book store from my last visit to Brattleboro 3 years ago, because of the massive selection, the cozy rug covered corners to sit and peruse through books, the comforting smell of musty old books, and did I mention the huge selection? I was floored to find Leif Enger's new hardback So Brave,Young, and Handsome for $11!

And now for the creme de le creme of stores I found in downtown Brattleboro VT…

 Upon entering this store, its white lights and lacey textiles and vintage linens wooing me from the sidewalk, I literally gasped as the phrase:

"Dear Lord I've come home"!

flashed through my mind.

Here is a sample of the eye candy:

one more only I promise…

The ladies running the store said I was not the first to take pics of the shop.  It was a very "Sommerset" shop of beauty, art, atmosphere, style, and merchandice, for those of you familiar with the magazine.   Sommerset Life has an section of its magazine that has the un-going submission opportunity to tell and share of interesting and unique shops, like I said "very Sommerset".  I think I will submit Delectable Mountain Cloth.

It deserves recognition.

Having the time to slowly gaze at and finger all the beautiful wares was a real highlight of my trip.

Here is us at what I would describe as a cool VT version of panera:

DSC03944 DSC03954 Do you like Tim's scholar-ly look reading a book and my gypsy-look facebooking we are leaving Brattleboro?


Then not 30 minutes out of town Tim happened to see a sign that read:


This has significance in that, that is the current nickname I call my girls, especially the naughty 2-year-old.  I think the name came from my mother-in-law actually.  I rarely call my girls' by their given name, and have a rotating list of funny, weird, non-sensible nicknames.

Little did Tim know the can of worms he got himself into pointing that sign out.

I, of course, insisted that we turn around "just so I can snap a pic".

But lo and behold, TALLULAHS ended up being a junking mecca.

An hour and 100 bucks latter I was one happy lady.

DSC03960 DSC03965 DSC03961 DSC03968 Dont you love all the signs (click to enlarge)







With a family of six on one income spending money antique-in' is pretty much a thing of the past…but that is what what vacations are all about…a break for the normal, the practical, the fiscally responsible…

In closing when in Vermont rummage and junk and thrift your heart out…

here are my treasures

my "delectable mountain cloth" indulgences:

DSC03957 DSC03956 most are vintage








My  vintage fabric and sewing notions, all bought at a steal:

DSC03972 DSC03973 DSC03975 (click to enlarge)





Again, such a great memorable trip…I am so blessed to have the luxury of away trips to New England in b&bs.

We came home to a messy blizzard, over a foot of snow, school canceled, and currently am fighting strep throat.

Back to reality.

Hope you enjoyed my long-winded trip tour.



4 thoughts on “when in vermont…

  1. Oh Leah, BEAUTIFUL photos!! I agree, the churches in New England are so wonderful, as are the nooks and crannies of wonderful shops! You really made a HAUL !! Good for you! Those goodies will make you smile as you enjoy them ’till next get-away. Beautiful photos!! Handsome date you took along, too!


  2. Oh you look like you had such a great trip! I so want to shop at Delectable Mountain Cloth (what a fantastic name). And your one hundred dollar camera takes perfect photos:) My dad has always told me that most of the time it’s not about the camera, it’s about the photographer:) Glad you had so much fun – hope reality is going well this week.


  3. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard that Vermont’s weather is very cold. I love that old church! It became even more elegant because of the twigs around it. I’m happy that you guys had so much fun visiting Vermont! =)


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