HOW TO BEAT THE (i can’t stand that it is still) WINTER BLUES

Step 1:

Get a jar of 70s/80s vintage plastic cake toppers

Get another jar of Hershey's chocolate eggs and Cadbury mini eggs (the ones with the hard sugar shell, you know the ones)

Decorate chocolate jar with Spring-inspiring fabric scraps and ribbon.

Pin a stuffed bunny to said jar

Step 2:

Get a SPICE CAKE MIX BOX, and make a cake

Make some home-made CHEESE CREAM FROSTING to slather on thickly

Put half the batter into a cupcake mold

Put other half into one cake pan

Step 3:


Make sure older- more- hyper- children are at school

Make DOUBLE SURE naughty- destructive- toddler is asleep

Take mild- mannered- middle- child to solicit frosting and sprinkle help

Step 4:

DSC03994 DSC04000 DSC03992 DSC04008 DSC04002



(click to enlarge)

Goo on lots of frosting

Take lots of pics

Lick fingers and put back in frosting bowl and repeat

Let the little one go nuts with sprinkles

Add some INSTANT COFFEE, VANILLA, AND CINNAMON to the remainder of cream cheese frosting and make a (sort-of) adult vesion of dessert to spread on single cake

Step 5:



Combine cupcakes and cake on a pretty platter and Bon Appetite!!



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