for the love of: FOOD

It came to attention recently, that of all "the many slices" that I muse about here on my blog,

Food has yet to make an appearance.

Maybe cuz I like to take cools pics with all my blog posts, and taking pics of food always seems kinda un-inspiring.

But no longer.

Here are some yummy products and food-y rituals this girl can't live without.

Food makes me very happy.

Wholesome, simple, natural, flavorful, salty, sweet; crunchy, or pureed, food is imp0rtant to our household.

A love of preparing good food, while sipping some wine was at long  last that "common" interest that all those marriage books are always touting as an important "bonding" aspect in your marriage.

Like most couples he had his "guy" stuff; I had my "woman"stuff.

He couldn't give a crap about fabric or flowers.  And he just can't get into books.

I don't give a crap about cars or computers. I just can't get into music (cant play anything).

Food is our common denominator.

So I say:

3 cheers for food!

Speaking of,

The book French Women Don't Get Fat was a really important work of non-fiction writing for me, in that it helped to re-teach my female American mind that food is our enemy; to be avoided like deadly vice if you want to be thin.

I dont count carbs, calories or fat grams, and am the thinnest I have ever been.

(note i also excersice often, and 95% or what I eat is healthy, natural, prepared at home)

But enough bloody blabbing;

lets get to the food:


mini sweet peppers

garlic salt

basting oil

these colorful guys, sliced up and then dipped into the salt and basting oil mixture (I always pour mine into a shallow tea plate) is a really yummy,  healthy, and Munch-buster snack.

Ya know how when you start making dinner, all you want to do is inhale carbs…well these guys really help take care of that (hardly any carbs at all) and really satisfying, and these are mild. not like green peppers at all, in fact I can't even eat the green ones:instant stomach ache.


Basting oil

garlic salt

parmesan &romano cheese

classic bruschette toasts (petite)

glass of wine

This is my "Mommy dinners" aka; daddy is not home for dinner and I make mac n cheese for kiddos early.

My favorite.

Try it some nite your significant other is gone, and you are just too tired to make anything but are hungry.

You will feel very French

This is my "too busy to eat lunch, but don't want to snack all afternoon"  meal.

I grab a handful a baby spinach and shred it with my fingers

A glob of cream cheese nuked in the microwave for like 15 seconds

A dash of garlic salt

I mix these goodies together.

I pour a bowl-full  of the Stacy's naked pita chips (portion control)

and scoop 'em in my dip.

Awesome, healthy, and, yummy

Home made whole grain muffin mix ( I like hodgson mill)

follow directions on box

add favorite frozen fruit (cheaper usually, and just as nutritious as fresh produce)

(not pictured) I always add FLAX MEAL to all my bread products it is uber healthy for you, and adds zero "wierd hippy-healthy" taste like some healthy additives do.

This is great to serve at a breakfast or brunch get together.

Would be a beautfiul and thoughtful basket gift to anyone soul that needs cheering or encouragment.

I also made some muffins with PUMPKIN PUREE and HONEY.


Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you try any.

One more food sharing:




that have good recipes:

Cheers and good eating

3 thoughts on “for the love of: FOOD

  1. OK, I had to try them. Got some yellow, orange, and red peppers just like your photo — AND —- I LOVE them!!! I dip them in basalmic dressing and oh my word, they’re so good!! They’re on the sweet side, not so strong as the green. I’m thinking to put some plants in my garden this summer! As usual, you’ve been able to teach your mil something!! :>)


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