a rainbow of simple joys


60 degrees

mid february

one day to enjoy it


The local weather guy has been promising it all week: "unseasonably warm" sweeter words cannot be heard for a stay-at-home-er in upstate NY come February.  We have enjoyed a warmer week, but it has `yet to top the 40s or have the sun shine all day (we live in a very gray area).

The day already was set apart in that my husband, who works for a different school system than my girls attend, had today off for Presidents weekend, but my big girls not till next week.  So…that meant with Tim home and the two big girls off to school, Mom and Dad pretended it was like the good ole' days of only two kids!

Hubby set out for lowes with his 4-year-old girl friend…and mom and baby girl hung out most of the morning and afternoon outside.


My first outside task:

Shovel off the deck?

I actually enjoyed this chore, thus proving I am a very bored housewife indeed.  Have you ever noticed how nice it is to do a task, even a mundane one, if it is something different?

This February started off with lots of snow, followed by lots of ice, and freezing temps.  With this warm spell the snow and ice is melting in wierd pockets.  The crunchy snow is blanketed in a slick layer of ice in those places where there is not alot of direct sunshine.  Our back deck is one of those places. 

So while I was scrapping off heavy large cumbersome sheets of blocked ice my rosy-cheecked girl was:

DSC03782 DSC03780 DSC03784 DSC03774 skating on back yard ice with dora boots; then splashing in small ponds in dora boots, and eating chocolate pudding with gloves


(click to enlarge)


When I was done clearing most of the ice off, like some beast of labor, we walked to our neighborhood dollar general (about 1/8 of mile away) and bought some much needed colored chalk.

For the first time in ages we can see our driveway.

It was warm, dry, and the blank blacktop was shouting for some "artistic decorations".

i can't draw…tried…very bad…so I settled for my real love: words



playing hopscotch keeps you young




is there anything more ugly than gray dirty snow melting away to reveal old neglected Chirstmas decorations?

yeah, that pretty much sums up our front yard "look"



  We threw these cranberries out soon after Christmas to give to the birds.  They came off our Christmas tree.

i guess all cranberry- loving birds migrate

these little guys were left, 

swirling in a bubbly icy eddy

in our backyard




my quiet girl

home from her day out with daddy

needing some alone time after a busy day

(i can relate)



this is the guy who is finishing up the last of the trim in our addition he put on several years ago

and, as i write, cooking up some burgers on the grill, with some requested coronas and fresh lime

my prince


4 thoughts on “a rainbow of simple joys

  1. Gosh I love little breaks in the weather like that. We had 58 degrees yesterday and almost all of the snow is gone (our back and front yards look horrible)but today is cold, 31 degrees. I won’t complain too much – the sun is out and shining brightly:) How’s your embroidery coming along? Can’t wait to see it.


  2. Cassie,
    Yeah we heard the wind just howlin’ last night, and woke this morning to discover it brought snow and 30 degree weather.
    My embroidery is….um how can I say this…slowly and painfully going…my mother in law gave me another lesson cuz I forget everything except a backward stitch. I think I mastered a blanket stitch and my chain stitch ( in attempt to made cute little flowers) looks more like mod. interpretative, that cottage cute, (I was aiming for cottage cute btw).
    But I llike it…not gonna let it get the better of me.
    Good thing I am not a Catholic…I would be saying “hail mary’s” till the cows came home for all the swear words I have said over my embroidery floss and fabric over the past few days.
    When I am done with my project I will post!


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