I am so past romantic.

Valentines Day at our House:

DSC03621 The day started out freakish-ly warm and put me in major spring- cleaning mood.

I was excited about cleaning, windows, and laundry.

(such a housewife)





DSC03629 At 9am I was sweeping off my porch, with no coat…girls playing with dirty discarded Christmas decoration remnants and some broken pieces of chalk.

Sun on our face.

Broom in my hand.

Cleaning attack in my mind.

(Cleaned-off porches excite me)



DSC03624 All morning I

flung open windows

Draped curtains and quilts on

obliging porch and deck rails.

And cleaned out, and picked up.

Breathing in fresh air

and not circulated forced heat air

was so therapeutic.

I cleaned out all bedrooms.







DSC03626    My morning euphoria gave way as dark clouds rolled in; cool cleansing breezes turned to chilly gales and my two-year old was getting less cute and much more demanding and destructive as the afternoon wore on.





DSC03630 All visions of sitting on my clean porch at nap time,

taking a walk through our melting neighborhood with the girls after school,

Or seeing the sun at all again that day, went away.

So I grumpily  vacuumed the whole downstairs.

Mopped the seriously gross sections of wood flooring.


Ya know that annoyed feeling when you clean all day up till dinner time?

That sinking feeling of "Crap! Now I have to cook and mess up this whole house and I did not even have time to enjoy it clean".

So I called hubby and proposed meeting at our favorite pizza place for dinner.

We came home to a clean warm home,

We popped in a movie for the girls

and I took a long bath, reading my a new book,

drinking home-made wine, eating chocolate

till I heard Tim complain loadly about "its time for bedtime…don't know where Mom is…"

Overall a Good Valentine's Day.

My house got cleaned.

Our house smells fresh, not stale.

Didn't have to cook.

Only one drink spilt at the resturant.

And wine and tub time in peace.

Like I said I am So Past Romantic when it comes to Valentines.







One thought on “I am so past romantic.

  1. sounds like it was a great valentines i am so impressed you got a bath and some alone time on valentines mine was not very romantic either but was awesome paul woke me up to tell me he called into work it was down day anyway and told his supervisor to plug in a vacation day and put wood flooring in the upstairs hallway so he got payed 21 an hour to give me the best v gift ever . I made homemade chicken parm with garlic bread and homemade choclate chip cookies for dinner the kids loved it and i went to bed with my love bank full . I love your blog Leah it is so pretty and funny . And so LALA love you


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