Netflixs pics

Thanks to the wonder of netflix through our Wii, we have seen some old classics that I have never seen.  That is on nights that we are not too exhausted after putting the kids to bed.

Recent goodies:


The Sting

Borne Identity

Food Inc.   ( everyone should watch this)

Journey Of Nattie Gann (anyone else remember this one).

My children were also introduced to :

Bugs Bunny


Duck Tails (I loved that show…as soon as I watched it all I could think of was sitting on our red carpet in the living room after school, eating candy with my little brother…good memories)

My husband has never seen Jaws

I have never seen Thelma and Louise

My kids have never seen Pinky and the Brain from Animaniacs (another child from the 80's classic, though this came out in the 90s, I was just still watching cartoons with my brother after school in middle school).

When the winter gets long, and by evening your energy is zapped, sometimes veggin out to a good flick is just perfect.

Any more oldies but goodies out there, anyone could suggest?


One thought on “Netflixs pics

  1. I bought Bryan a blu ray player for Christmas and it had the netflix built right in ! We love it and we love the built in Pandora !! We have never had wireless before this Christmas and the whole thing amazes me !! Netflix has the Shirley Temple movies which me and Abby love !! I bet your girls would love them šŸ™‚ The Heidi one is Abby’s favorite but you have to rent that one as it is not on instant play.


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